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Olympic Rescue It! Update: One year later

It’s been an entire year since I completely refinished my deck using Olympic Rescue it! You can read through the step by step process in this post (pictures included). I’ve had quite a few questions from readers asking how the deck has held up over the year. I thought it would be nice to do… Continue reading Olympic Rescue It! Update: One year later

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Easy 5-Second Wreath

The other day I was Pinteresting on a totally unrelated scouring mission and happened to scroll past a few amazing wreath ideas. Within hours I suddenly found myself browsing the aisles of Michaels. As I was loading my cart with materials for what was bound to be an expensive and elaborate front door showpiece I… Continue reading Easy 5-Second Wreath

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DIY Window Planter Boxes II

Last year I made my own window planter boxes for the first time and throughout the summer they bloomed gorgeously and added such a lovely touch to my home (check out the original post here – there are step by step instructions with pictures). Now that I already had the boxes installed, all I had… Continue reading DIY Window Planter Boxes II

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DIY Deck Restore with Olympic Rescue It!

When I moved into my home it was in the middle of winter and I thought having a deck was a bonus and a great addition to the backyard. It wasn’t until that first spring rolled around that I realized my deck was yellow (yes, I’m not kidding, it was actually painted yellow) and in… Continue reading DIY Deck Restore with Olympic Rescue It!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching (May 8, if, you know, you didn’t have that marked on your calendar…) and I’ve rounded up some great gift ideas for the best woman in your life. I lost my own Mom when I was young but that doesn’t make this holiday any less special to me. Over the… Continue reading Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Spring Closet Cleanout and Organization

Spring is on its way and the first stop on my “spring cleaning” checklist is my closet. Not only does the room just need a good swipe through with the duster, but it’s the perfect time to purge and swap out winter items with what I’ll need for the upcoming season. I go through my… Continue reading Spring Closet Cleanout and Organization

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DIY Spring Decor II

Last week I had some time to waste while waiting for the dog to finish at the groomers so I walked into Michaels without any real plan. I haven’t been feeling too imaginative or crafty lately but as soon as I walked in there creative juices started flowing. It helped that they always have amazing… Continue reading DIY Spring Decor II

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DIY Spring Decor

I am so anxious for winter to be over that I’ve basically decided to skip right over Valentine’s day and Easter and started to style my house for spring. Because it’s too early for fresh flowers around the house, unless you want to buy them, I do have a super easy way to add some… Continue reading DIY Spring Decor

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DIY Crispy Apple Dog Treats

Here’s another easy, inexpensive, and delicious dog treat idea for you! This one is prepared using the same method as the sweet potato treats I showed you a few weeks ago. For the record, I also tried these treats and they are delicious! The method of dehydrating brings out the natural sugars of the apples.… Continue reading DIY Crispy Apple Dog Treats

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DIY Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Spoiled. The word most people would use to describe my pup. And she is, but when it comes to what I feed her, I have some seriously good reasons. Check out my recipes for slow cooker dog food if you haven’t already, I feed my dog these for her meals exclusively and she loves her… Continue reading DIY Sweet Potato Dog Treats

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DIY Peppermint Sugar Hand Scrub

Looking for an easy DIY Christmas gift idea? Hand scrubs are always a hit and so simple to whip up! Hand scrubs are perfect for this time of year to get all that dry dead skin off and the added oil helps to moisturize. I’ve added peppermint to this one because the scent reminds me… Continue reading DIY Peppermint Sugar Hand Scrub

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Holiday Decor

Hey there friends! I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was filled with joy, family, and a bit of relaxation. And if nothing else, some good ole forced merriment… Truthfully, I started decorating for the upcoming Holidays mid-November. My method this year has been to tackle it bit-by-bit rather than all at once in the hope that I’d… Continue reading Holiday Decor