10 Resolutions We Should All Make

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The New Year makes us think about all the ways we’d like to improve not only ourselves but our lives. I’ve never been one for making strict New Years resolutions but I always set goals – at the beginning of the year and throughout too. Right now my focus is on changing (fixing) some of my poorer eating habits which I haven’t really been focusing on properly over the last year. I’m also committed to completing my new work-out program and getting use out of my new weight bench. I’d also like to fit back into my pants but I’m hoping these goals go hand in hand. While I have personalized intentions, I also have all these general ideas of what I want to accomplish this year and I really think that they apply to each of us. Here’s my list of 10 resolutions we should all make this year!

1. Stay Out of the Sun

Ok, don’t actually stay out of the sun. I would never endorse that because the sun is my favorite. But protect yourself. Just like cigarettes, the sun causes cancer. I don’t think I should have to provide much more of a defense than that but … This has been a personal resolution of mine for the last 2 years and it tops my list again this year. It wasn’t until I really started noticing the premature aging that sun damage has done to my skin that I started using SPF and stopped tanning. I still get a sun-kissed glow with sunless tanners and my favorite is this tanwise bronzing spray or mousse.

2. Exercise (almost) Everyday

This doesn’t mean do an hour long P90x work-out every single day of your life. But try to be active everyday. I never regret a workout but I do regret making the choice to be lazy and skip. For me exercising has become a way of life: it comes before I brush my teeth and after a morning cup of coffee. It just is. Some days it’s therapy and sometimes it’s a stressor. But it always makes me feel better.

3. Make Your Mental Health a Priority

Eww, a vulnerable topic. Stop avoiding it. If there is one thing you make a priority this year, pick this one. It’s so easy to type that but you have no idea how many years it’s taken me to get here. No matter what it is that you struggle with I hope this is the year you’ll put yourself first and dig in. Maybe next year we’ll all show up emotionally stable and rock solid? Eh…

4. Take Care of Your Skin

You literally live inside of it so it’s basically your own house. This is a topic that I talk about quite a bit so I won’t belabor the point. You can read about my favorite skincare products for winter here and spring here.

5. Eat Breakfast

This is one of those things that we’ve always been told and know we should do but just don’t. I learned this lesson this year when I started a new job. Most of the time my work day begins at 0630 and sometimes we don’t finish rounding on all of the babies in our NICU until after 2pm. I quickly realized my mornings of eating only a 100 calorie granola bar were not going to work. At first I’d stuff my scrub pockets with candy and munch all morning to get by and then pig out at lunch. Ultimately, breakfast sets the tone for how you’ll feel and get through your day.

6. Drink More Water

Do you even realize how dehydrated you are? I really had no idea until I switched from drinking sodas and coffee only to water (and coffee) only. Increase your H2O intake and you will notice a different in your body I promise. If you are a major coffee drinker like I am don’t forget that caffeine is a diuretic and helps to dehydrate. I try to get in a little extra on the days I consume extra coffee. I use this water bottle so I can measure my intake and stay on track.

7. Disconnect

I don’t mean de-activate your Facebook and delete your Instagram. But try to be more present when you are with friends and family or on vacation and sight-seeing. This is a huge personal goal of mine because my constant reliance on technology and social media disturbs me more than I care to admit.

8. Read More

This is always a goal of mine but it’s because reading is good for the soul. So many people say they just can’t get into reading but I wonder if it’s because they haven’t found the right type of book to suck them in. Last year for Christmas I asked for a subscription to Book of the Month Club and spent the year exploring all sorts of new reading material – some good, some great, some terrible. If you want to give this service a try click here and get your first book for just $9.99 plus a free tote!

9. Shut Up

Recently I read a quote that really stuck with me. It goes something like, “when it comes to speaking, do it with commitment, every word you say is your own responsibility”. Imagine if we were held accountable for everything we said? I know that seems kind of ridiculous coming from me right now given this is the wordiest post I’ve written in close to a year. As an introvert I crave quiet and generally avoid small talk but deep down this is why, you are what you say. Reading that quote just reminded me of why sometimes it’s far more important to be quiet and I started working on keeping my mouth shut before the New Year and I plan to continue.

10. Smile

While you are busy shutting up, smile. You’ll be surprised how much happier you feel and how quickly you can turn a room around. Life might really suck right now. The news sucks, our politicians suck, work can really suck, and some days it feels like as a country we are moving backwards by decades. If you find yourself with a second that isn’t centered around unpleasantness then smile and maybe you’ll make someone else feel better too. Plus, you look so much prettier when you smile 🙂

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Thanks for reading! What are your New Years Resolutions?

4 thoughts on “10 Resolutions We Should All Make”

  • I love your resolutions! These are all practical and small changes we can make. I think it is especially important for people to take care of their physical and mental health, if you are not happy or healthy you cannot help others. #10 is a resolution we can all start on today! Thank you!

  • Long-time reader, first-time commenter. This is one of the best lists I have seen in a long time. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I especially love #9 — I have my own goal of listening better and speaking less. Late in 2016, when I was feeling down about the world because I felt like people have stopped listening to each other, I decided to become part of the solution and focus much harder on listening intently. I don’t always succeed here, but I always try.

    • Well thank you Trish! 9 and 10 are very important to me too and for similar reasons. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

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