Favorites Friday: Winter Skincare

Favorites Friday: Winter Skincare |www.pearlsandsportsbras.com|

My skin hates the change of season. As soon as the cold and dry weather declares itself I know I’m in for dryness, chapping, adult acne, changes in tone and color, and that dreaded shriveled appearance as all the plump hydration established in the summer months fades. After trial and error I’ve found several go-to products that help make this transition and the passage through winter more tolerable for my skin. In this Favorites Friday post I thought I’d share my top picks for winter with you in case you were struggling too!

Favorites Friday: Winter Skincare |www.pearlsandsportsbras.com|Olay Total Effects | Maybelline Dream BB Cream | Retinol Cream | Neutrogena Hydro-Boost | Neutrogena Lip Balm | Nivea Skin Firming Gel

Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Moisturizer and SPF: During the summer months I will typically stick with a light moisturizer with salicylic acid for acne prevention. When the weather changes I mix in this favorite for a slightly heavier moisturizer, anti-aging, and toning improving effects. There is also a version with gradual tanner included that I have and love for a subtle glow in the winter months.

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream: I recently found this cream and there are several reasons why it’s a favorite. I love that the tint adjusts to my skin tone and blends perfectly. I typically reserve this one for wear when my tone is off or I’m in the middle of an embarrassing breakout. I’m comforted by the fact that it includes salicylic acid which I like to use to help prevent and treat any breakouts. The finish is matte with no oily feels which I love.

Retinol Cream/Gel: I always recommend a retinol product in any anti-aging regimen. Mine is a dermatologist prescribed generic of retin-a micro which is actually used for the treatment of acne and can be pretty harsh on the skin in the cold winter months. The stronger retinol derivatives (like what I have been prescribed) have excellent keratinolytic properties and help to empty out pores but most people love these products because of the other proven anti-wrinkle effects. You can purchase less potent retinol products over-the-counter specifically for this purpose and I recommend Roc Retinol Daily Moisturizer.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream: After discovering this fabulous concoction last year I have not been able to get enough! I apply after moisturizing for a fresh dewy glow all day (without that oily look). The product simply looks like thickened water and when applied brings a naturally hydrated appearance to your skin with a matte finish.

Neutrogena Lip Balm with SPF: This year I was looking for a tinted balm that provided a subtle glow and also hydrated my super dry and chapped lips. I’ve tried just about every tinted balm available and loved this most! I prefer the blush tint and love that it also has SPF!

Nivea Skin Firming Gel: I’ll just be honest and say that winter isn’t the best time for my bod and sometimes we have to fake it until we make it. I use this on the back of my legs and booty during those holiday months when there’s not enough time to fit in all the squats and lunges I probably should be doing to keep things tight. It doesn’t make cellulite disappear but it does help with firming and smoothing skin.

What are your favorite skincare products during the winter?
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