My Favorite Places to Purchase Athletic Apparel

Favorite's Friday: My Favorite Places to Purchase Athletic Apparel ||

I exercise almost every single day and my life has been this way for just about six years now. Sometimes I’m enthusiastic about exercise and you’ll see me blog about my experiences (trials and tribulations… lots and lots of tribulations). But most of the time I do it out of necessity and because it makes me feel better even though most days I’ll moan and groan until I actually get up and start moving.

Certainly something that can make exercise either more enjoyable or painful is your comfort level. I’ve experienced all types of problems while working out that have made it just about impossible to continue (pants too high, too tight, won’t stay up, shirt won’t stay down, sports bra scratching everything, shoes so tight your toes go numb, shoes too big your ankles have no support, hair in your face). Anyway, there are endless ways I have struggle-bused and the list is super long. I have been through my share of work-out apparel, both expensive and cheap and I thought I’d share with you my go-to places and pieces. These are the ones I go back to time and time again because I know they will last, fit, provide support, and most importantly: keep me comfortable.


oldnavyleggings1 | 2 | 3

When it comes to leggings I feel like I’ve probably tried them all. Time after time Old Navy leggings continue to be my favorite. The material is comfortable with the perfect combination of stretch and lasting compression. They come in super cute and flattering styles and patterns too. What makes them my favorite are the not-so-flattering details though. They fit perfectly on the waist and they stay. Most other leggings that I’ve tried slide and pinch in all the awkward spots. I can run, jump, tuck, and roll and they don’t move. They hold up amazing with sweat too – no awkward sweat stains. Right now they have a ton of cute designs and all leggings are on sale – go take a look!

Sports Bras:

targetsportsbras.jpg1 | 2 | 3

Trying to find the right sports bra sucks. And all women are different so it’s hard to pinpoint a certain brand or type that works for everyone. I’m not super busty but I still need support. For me I look for a sports bra that keeps everything immobile without any rubbing, scratching, or pain. My favorite are basic no-frill sports bras from Target (especially from their Champion line). For me, they beat out most other name brand sports bras (including those crazy contraptions Victorias Secret sells).


rackroomshoes1 | 2 | 3

I buy all of my running and training shoes at Rack Room Shoes or at the Nike Outlet. The shoes might be a season old but they work perfectly for all of my in-home workout regimens and come at a discounted rate!

Compression Socks:

FullSizeRender(138)| 1 |

I’ve already written an entire post about how much I love these socks (you can read that post here). I wear them for both work and running. If you wait for a coupon code you can often get either buy 2 get 3 free or BOGO on these beauties!

Name Brand Apparel:

tjmaxx1 | 2 | 3

TJ Maxx is not my go-to place for lasting activewear but over the years I have been able to find quite a few name brand pieces that have been worth the few dollars spent. Scouring through racks of clothing isn’t one of my favorite things to do but sometimes patience pays off and you’ll find a great piece just hidden among the rest. The pink Nike sports bra in my cover photo is a TJ Maxx find and it’s one of my absolute favorites.


Where have you found your favorite activewear pieces?
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