Favorites Friday: Laceless Sneakers

Favorites Friday: Laceless Sneakers |www.pearlsandsportsbras.com|

You have seen me wear the same sneaks for-EVER! It was certainly time to invest in a new pair – especially now that I have been working my way back into running. I found this pair and initially just thought they were interesting and loved the idea of slip-on sneakers. Then I actually tried them on and couldn’t believe how well they fit and how perfect the support is. I don’t ever want to run in another pair of sneakers ever again. And, obviously I love them so much I decided to devote a whole post to them.

I haven’t been able to run much in the last 2 years due to ITB (Ilio-tibial band) Syndrome. I’m not saying that these shoes have made all the difference but between compression socks (you can read all about those here) and these sneakers I have been able to run as much as I want without pain. And that is just unbelievable to me after struggling for so long.



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