Trunk Club for Women Review: Late Summer 2017

Trunk Club for Women Review: Late Summer 2017

There’s nothing like a mid-summer wardrobe revamp to get you re-excited about the heat. As much as I love fall I wasn’t quite ready to trade in my sandals for riding boots just yet. This post is a little late – I received the trunk in early August and it was the perfect way to relight that summer spark. I was interested in trying out one piece suits and my stylist didn’t disappoint with her selections. Scroll down to see the other pieces she included in this beach getaway inspired trunk!

Trunk Club:

1. Sign up and take a very brief style survey. You’ll fill out a personal profile and provide your stylist with links to your Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

2. Your stylist will handpick a selection of items for you to review online. After you provide your feedback, and your trunk is finalized, it’s shipped directly to your house.

3. You have 5 days to try on and decide on which items to keep. They provide you with shipping labels and tape strips so when you’re ready to ship the rest back, you schedule a pickup with UPS.

4. Fees: A $25 home try-on fee is charged to your account per trunk and this cash is credited towards any purchase you make.

What to Expect:

Your stylist is YOURS. Like, forever. She (or he) will want to get to know you. My stylist sent me an email with very specific style questions. Additionally, your stylist will expect communication via a telephone call, which I thought was required but others have said they didn’t have to participate in this part of this service (I could have done without). On the other hand, if that’s your thing, you can call your stylist whenever you want.

The clothing inventory is pulled from NORDSTROM, so there’s a vast selection at a wide range of price points. Be sure to point out to your stylist where you’d like to stay, price-wise or you will receive a $300 cashmere sweater.

You will be sent 10-15 pieces ranging from tops, bottoms, shoes, scarves, and accessories. Really, ask for anything. During your preview you can remove items from your trunk and they won’t be sent. Your stylist may add new items for you before sending so some of what you receive is a surprise.

Ask for a trunk whenever you want. This is more of a concierge service than a scheduled delivery. If requesting a trunk for a specific event allow enough time for communication and for your stylist to pull pieces and ship.

If you are interested and want to try Trunk Club out for yourself, please let me refer you: Click here to sign up!

A sincere huge THANK YOU to all those that have allowed me to refer them! I hope you are all loving this service, I’d love to hear back from you about what you received and what you thought!

Trunk Club Summer 2017:

First, lets look at what I didn’t photograph:

trunkclubswimsuits1 | 2 | 3

As fun as these suits were to try on none of them were winners. The hourglass one-piece by Becca had a flattering fit but I didn’t love all the gold accents and the color wasn’t a favorite. I may have actually laughed out loud when I tried on the Ricki one-piece – it squeezed all my chunky parts out through the sides. I took it off as fast as I could! The No Strings Attached option wasn’t a winner either with it’s 80’s flare (super high cut and bright blue color).

trunkclubsummeraccessories1 | 2

The crochet one-piece was a total winner! Not only was the fit perfect but it was sexy and comfortable too. The swimsuit was a keeper and I was hoping the Ray Bans were too. Unfortunately they were just way to big for my face so I had to send them back.

trunkclubsummerdresses1 | 2 | 3

These three pieces were the big misses of the fix. Neither the dresses nor the necklace exactly hit on my style. I wasn’t a fan of the prints on either maxi and I also just couldn’t get into the necklace.

State Off the Shoulder Chiffon Blouse: Kept
Marc Fisher Perforated Espadrille Platform Wedge: Returned


Oh my, I loved the light, whimsical, easiness of this top. The neck straps made it really easy to wear without having to constantly tug at the shoulders. I loved that it was flowy and comfortable. The color was right on too!

I wanted these shoes so badly and couldn’t have been happier to see they were coming in my trunk. I loved the color my stylist chose for me – probably the same color I would have picked for myself. Once I had these on I started having second thoughts because of the height. These aren’t your momma’s wedges. They pack some serious height and I wasn’t sure I loved them enough to sacrifice my comfort (and grace, lets be real here). It pained me to send them back but I did knowing it was the right decision.

LaBlanca Denim Lace Off the Shoulder Dress Cover-Up: Kept


This was technically a swimsuit cover-up but I actually prefer to wear it as a dress. It’s so light and comfortable I just want to wear it all the time. I thought the pattern was different for me and was glad to add something a little out of my comfort zone to my closet.

Robin Piccone Cold Shoulder Cover-Up: Returned
Sam Edelman ‘Gemma’ Lace Up Sandal: Returned


As the owner of several black cover-ups already I knew this one probably wasn’t going to be necessary in my closet. I did like it though! I loved these Sam Edelman sandals too. I was tempted to keep them but the price tag held me back. I managed to find similar sandals at target and purchased those instead.

Free People ‘Show Me Some Shoulder” Off Shoulder Cotton Blouse: Returned


I really loved this top – it was just too over-sized. It was also too opaque making me question what could be worn underneath to hide a bra? The cute ties along the sleeves were a bonus to a pretty and easy to style top. Would have been a keeper if it had been just slightly more fitted.


If you are interested and want to try Trunk Club out for yourself, please let me refer you: Click here to sign up!

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