Core de Force: A Review

Core de Force Review ||

Who’s excited for another Beachbody workout program review? In the beginning of January I mentioned that I would be starting Core de Force, Beachbody’s newest DVD-based program (I outlined the background and basis of the program in a post that you can check out here). I’ve been finished with the program for about 2 weeks but have hesitated to write this post because my feelings are mixed… I’ll tell you why below.

My Impression:

First, a tiny bit of background information so you can understand how I have developed my opinions. I did 1 month of the program. I purchased the deluxe kit but didn’t end up using this because the extra discs and agility ladder are utilized in month 2. Though I didn’t follow the exact nutrition plan Beachbody endorses, I did follow a calorie-limited diet…. most days. I wasn’t able to be consistent with the diet the entire month but I did try most of the time. My total weight loss was 4lbs – most of my holiday gain. The change was most noticeable in my midsection. I noticed increased muscle tone in both my arms and core. The greatest overall change was actually an improvement in my balance.

If nothing else this program is fun and engaging. Because each round is comprised of a combination of several quick precise movements it requires attention and focus which helps make the time go by faster. I will say once you get to a point where you can knock out the sequences well you’ll have fun and can focus on increasing your speed, energy, and power.

Obviously the focus is on the core but there is quite a bit of upper body work. Without the designated core on the floor DVD I would be willing to say the majority of the focus is on upper body/arms/shoulders. That isn’t to say there is no leg work – because there are plenty of squats and lunges as well as booty work included with kicks. There’s plenty of cardio in there too.

The primary reason I didn’t go ahead with a second month of the program was because of the timeliness of the DVD’s. Most of the videos are 37-47 minutes long and this wouldn’t necessarily be an issue if there were not so much repetition in these longer videos. I personally lose interest and focus when the videos are this long and the creators fill the time with exercises that you’ve just completed. I am a little disappointed that they weren’t a little more creative and didn’t fill the time with a broader range of exercises in these longer videos – I know this isn’t a feeling that is unique to just me. Additionally, I did get a little anxious for more leg work so I was ready to move on after 1 month.

Core de Force Review ||

Has anyone else tried this program? What did you think?
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