My Favorite Blogging Apps

My Favorite Blogging Apps ||

I don’t consider myself to be much of a techie and in fact when it comes to my Iphone I’m pretty minimalistic. I have however, somehow managed to run this blog and associated IG account on my own for 2+ years and that requires a lot of help from various resources I’ve found along the way. Here’s a list of the most helpful apps that I use regularly – and some just for fun!

PicMonkey: Even though this is available in app format I typically use this on my computer for putting the final touches on blog photos. The online version is great for creating collages and my go-to for making featured images from scratch.

ColorStory: Instagram has some decent photo editing tools these days so I rarely have to use a secondary editing app. When I do though, it’s this one. This is a great option for any photo but I use it for particularly difficult photos or when I’m looking for an interesting filter. I also use it to quickly squish any photo in square format, since that’s what IG prefers.

colorstory app

VSCO: This is another gorgeous photo editing app with unique filters. Quite a few of the basics included are “moody” but optional filter packages can be purchased (I personally prefer the brighter options). If I can’t fix a photo between IG, Colorstory, and VSCO – the photo is hopeless!

VSCO app

MirrorCamera: Though this app has other features I use it simply for flipping photos. For various reasons I’ve needed to create mirror images of some photos (for readable text, more appealing angles, symmetry with others photos in a sequence) and this app’s basic design allows me to get the job done quickly.

Perfect365: I rarely use photos that include my face but when I do I love this app for touching up any blemishes. I don’t wear foundation or cover-up and I like how this tool makes it look like I’ve put a little more effort into myself than I actually do (all about time conservation these days)! I prefer this app because the changes are subtle compared to some similar programs that only blur the image.


Snug: If you are somewhat of a aesthetic psychopath like me, then you’ll love this one! It connects with your Instagram account so that you can visually organize and plan out your photos before posting. Simply add, remove, and reorganize photos until it looks exactly how you want it. I typically have anywhere between 3-9 photos lined up ahead of time because I’m constantly modifying my IG appearance.

Snug App

Bloglovin: This is the Pinterest of bloggers. I have my own blog connected to my account so not only am I able to browse through 1000’s of other blogs and posts but I can also manage my own from this app.

WordPress: Though I do most of my blogging from my computer this app allows me to check my stats and modify posts while on the go. I find that it’s too cumbersome to use it to write complete posts but it’s great for checking blog activity throughout the day and quickly fixing typos and errors in posts.

MyFitnessPal: I’ve tested a ton of fitness apps and this is the one I always come back to. It has a ton of features but I primarily use it for logging my exercise as well as daily intake of calories. 

What are your favorite apps?
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