Regrettable Purchases of 2016

Regrettable Purchases of 2016 ||

At the end of each year it’s always good to look back at the pieces that turned out to be regrettable purchases. The hope is that I’ll learn from some of my buying mistakes and with any luck not repeat similar offenses in the coming year. A big theme for me this year was falling into the “fad trap”. There are so many times that I’ll find a piece I love and adore styling but it may not necessary fit, in terms of practicality, into my life. My goal for this coming year is to avoid these mistakes by applying the “will I wear it and how often?” along with “can I wear it comfortably?” rules to purchasing.

Some of the pieces are now sold out but I still included the links in case you want to keep them on your radar for when they are restocked.

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Steve Madden Carrson Heel: Don’t get me wrong – I love these! And they look great with just about everything I pair them with. But in all honesty, I’ve only worn them twice because they aren’t comfortable and are a bit higher than I typically like to wear. As beautiful as they are they just haven’t justified their price tag.

Halogen Owen Lace Up Flat: This is one of those situations when I should have gone with my gut. I really wanted these in blush but my Trunk Club stylist sent them in white and I chose to keep them (thinking white would go with more pieces). Ultimately I just don’t love the white and I keep wishing I had the blush style.

Mossimo Flip Flop Flares: I was so excited about bringing flares back that I ignored the fact that these were meant to be worn with flip flops – a look I’m not personally a fan of. Obviously that posed a problem when I wanted to wear them with booties and heels and they were just too short. I’m still open to flares and will take my time sizing up the perfect pair next time.

Madewell Off the Shoulder Top: So maybe I don’t exactly regret buying this top but the point is that I went a little “off the shoulder” crazy and bought too many. I only wore this twice and it deserved more attention then it got! When I go crazy for a trend I need to focus on styling the pieces I have rather than buying bulk and then lacking opportunities to wear them.

Topshop Scallop Hem Miniskirt: This was a trend bandwagon I hopped on that I should have just let pass me by. Though I love the skirt, some styles just aren’t for me in terms of comfort and real-life wearability. I rarely wear skirts and I especially don’t love wearing tight miniskirts so I could have saved the money on this one.

AG Ankle Super Skinny Jeans: These are the most comfortable pants that I own! And I’m a huge fan of the wash. They weren’t cheap so I thought they would hold up well and last but unfortunately they have lost elasticity and barely fit anymore. I’m not sure if others have had similar issues with this jean.

Rockstar Distressed Jeans in Mint: Another piece that I only wore twice. I don’t need mint jeans. Why didn’t I already know this? I thought they would be fun to style but these definitely go against my “how versatile is this piece?” shopping philosophy.

What are your most regrettable purchases this year?

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