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22 Minutes Hard Corps: Why I didn’t finish

22 Minute Hard Corps: A Review ||

You may remember I started this program nearly 6 months ago and then never updated about my progress after the first week. And that’s because I never finished. This is honestly the first workout program I didn’t complete start-to-finish. Though I am somewhat upset with myself for not sticking it out, I quit for reasons I consider valid and quickly moved on to satisfy my fitness needs in ways that are better suited for me. I don’t like writing negative reviews but I am always honest here so I’ll explain why this wasn’t for me.

In my week 1 review I was pretty optimistic about the program and actually enjoying the exercises. I especially liked the 22 minute workouts- so convenient as my job had been demanding more early mornings from me. By week 3-4 I noticed I was quickly tiring of the same repetitive exercises over and over and couldn’t want to start the second disc for new workouts and a change of pace. And that kept me excited and involved for a few more weeks. It was week 6 that I just couldn’t get past. I think I started and re-started week 6 three different times before finally bailing on the program.

I felt a little ridiculous complaining about being bored with a program that was only 22 minutes but I was so bored with the repetitive workouts and needed something more diverse (like my favorites: p90x3, T25, and insanity). I found myself staring at the clock the entire 22 minutes and fast-forwarding through exercises I was tired of doing. This isn’t the way to work out and I recognized this one just wasn’t for me and that’s ok. It was time to move on.

I noticed results in my body in the first two weeks but then plateaued and didn’t see much progress after. After finally bailing on this program I went back and did Hammer & Chisel over and I’m currently working through T25 Gamma – two programs I do love. I’m not sure what I’ll try next, any suggestions?

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4 thoughts on “22 Minutes Hard Corps: Why I didn’t finish

  1. I was too was drawn to the 22 min!! I mean..who doesn’t love working out by squeezing that amount of time?? I lasted to week 4, and I was tired of doing the same routine, like you! I thought it was a great workout, and I think it is something good to have to take on vacay (on Demand) but I to complete the whole 8 weeks….meh! I was using it as a substitute until i could get back in the gym! And it helped….
    But i also found it was difficult for me to keep up given that I work FT and I have two active, involved boys, which meant doing the routine at 9 or so in the evening. That can’t be controlled and isn’t the program’s fault…maybe I should have done in the morning….!

    great post!


  2. Crossfit!! My cf gym closed and I also tried hard corps, was BORED out of my mind. I now do cf workouts in my garage and am never bored! But I know these programs work for lots of people so to each his own!


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