Apple & Orange Cranberry Relish

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Thanksgiving is the best time of year for so many reasons. It’s the start of the holiday season and a time to spend with family, friends, and those we love. And, do I need to mention all the delicious food? Everyone has their favorite thanksgiving “food” and for me, it’s my Grammy’s cranberry relish. Don’t get me wrong, green bean casserole and stuffing come in at a close second and third but I look forward to this relish all year long. Luckily, she makes it for Christmas too so I get it more than once!

I’m not a picky cranberry sauce eater, heck I’m even happy to eat the stuff that comes out looking like the can it was in. However, if I had a choice it’d always be my Gram’s. Last Thanksgiving my Aunt told me the ingredients and I set about making a similar one on my own. This isn’t exactly the same as my Gram’s – you’ll have to come to Holiday dinner if you want to experience that deliciousness, but it’s close and it’s so yummy!

The recipe makes quite a bit, enough for a large holiday gathering. Or, if you’re like me, enough to snack on for a few days.

Apple & Orange Cranberry Relish

Apple & Orange Cranberry Relish ||

  • 1 Apple
  • 1 Orange
  • 2 Bags of Cranberries
  • 1 c. Sugar (more or less – to taste)



1. In a food processor finely chop the cranberries. Transfer to a medium mixing bowl.


2. Wash and core the apple. Then roughly chop with skin on and toss in the food processor. Add to the mixing bowl with the cranberries.

3. Next, remove the stem ends from the orange. Roughly chop the orange (leaving peel ON), removing seeds. Add to food processor and then transfer to the mixing bowl.

4. Gradually mix in sugar to desired taste.

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