Trunk Club for Women: Fall/Winter 2016

Trunk Club for Women Fall/Winter 2016 ||

I’ve been so spoiled this year. With services like Trunk Club (and stitch fix) it feels like Christmas Day once a month around this place. Probably the best part about it is that I get to send back anything that I don’t like without any feelings getting hurt! With the holidays approaching, I think Trunk Club is the perfect gift for this season and they now offer gift cards! Keep that in mind when gift shopping…

It’s been about 3 months since I’ve requested a trunk (my last one was a total winner!) and this time around I asked for more AG jeans to try and a pink purse. We’ll get to the review in just a moment, first let me tell you about Trunk Club if you are unfamiliar.


Trunk Club:

1. Sign up and take a very brief style survey. You’ll fill out a personal profile and provide your stylist with links to your Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

2. Your stylist will handpick a selection of items for you to review online. After you provide your feedback, and your trunk is finalized, it’s shipped directly to your house.

3. You have 5 days to try on and decide on which items to keep. They provide you with shipping labels and tape strips so when you’re ready to ship the rest back, you schedule a pickup with UPS.

4. Fees: A $25 home try-on fee is charged to your account per trunk and this cash is credited towards any purchase you make.

What to Expect:

Your stylist is YOURS. Like, forever. She (or he) will want to get to know you. My stylist sent me an email with very specific style questions. Additionally, your stylist will expect communication via a telephone call, which I thought was required but others have said they didn’t have to participate in this part of this service (I could have done without). On the other hand, if that’s your thing, you can call your stylist whenever you want.

The clothing inventory is pulled from NORDSTROM, so there’s a vast selection at a wide range of price points. Be sure to point out to your stylist where you’d like to stay, price-wise or you will receive a $300 cashmere sweater.

You will be sent 10-15 pieces ranging from tops, bottoms, shoes, scarves, and accessories. Really, ask for anything. During your preview you can remove items from your trunk and they won’t be sent. Your stylist may add new items for you before sending so some of what you receive is a surprise.

Ask for a trunk whenever you want. This is more of a concierge service than a scheduled delivery. If requesting a trunk for a specific event allow enough time for communication and for your stylist to pull pieces and ship.

If you are interested and want to try Trunk Club out for yourself, please let me refer you: Click here to sign up!

A sincere huge THANK YOU to all those that have allowed me to refer them! I hope you are all loving this service, I’d love to hear back from you about what you received and what you thought!

Trunk Club for Women Fall/Winter 2016:


First, here’s what I didn’t photograph:

trunkclubfallwinter2016Kate Spade Cameron Street Shoulder Bag | Free People ‘Miranda’ Midi Dress

Kate Spade Cameron Street Shoulder Bag: Such a chic and gorgeous bag! I asked for a blush purse but I am looking for a more substantial bag. I thought this was more of an accessory and not the best for everyday use.
Free People ‘Miranda’ Floral Print Dress: The length and pattern of this dress was all wrong for me. I took my stylists advice and tried it with OTK boots and it just looked bad on my short frame.

DL1961 ‘Marguax’ Instasculpt Ankle Skinny Jeans Hail: Kept

dsc_1375dsc_1380Pants | Sweater | Shoes

How long have you guys heard me whining about wanting to find a new pair of black skinnies to replace my existing worn out pair? Like, forever. Finally, I’ve found the perfect pair. These are so soft and comfortable. I like the way they fit too. I knew immediately they were keepers. I’ve worn them for a 12 hour shift and they kept their fit without any stretching or sagging.

AG ‘The Legging’ Ankle Jeans 7 Year Break with Ram Hem: Kept
Topshop Stripe Tie Back Tee: Returned

dsc_1384dsc_1390dsc_1393Shirt | Jeans | Shoes

These jeans are very similar to the pair I kept from my last trunk, only darker. I’m wearing a size smaller than my previous and like the way these fit much better. These are soft and perfect for everyday wear because they basically go with everything…. as you’ll see below.

This is the perfect stripe tee with a surprise in the back and I thought it was so cute! As you can see, the open back means there’s no good way to also wear a bra with this one, which is why it was a no for me.

Rails Joanna Wool & Cashmere Sweater: Returned

dsc_1399dsc_1401Sweater | Jeans | Shoes

I sent this one back but it pained me to do so! First, it’s cashmere so it was so so soft. And I also liked the loose funky fit. For photos I was able to tug it down but the reality is that it was more of a crop sweater on me and showed my midriff.

Halogen Lace Inset Sweater: Returned

dsc_1409dsc_1412Sweater | Jeans | Shoes

Another pretty sweater option. The lace detail on this one was gorgeous. Again with the bra straps. Maybe that’s just my own issue, I don’t like them to show and I hate wearing strapless. I liked this sweater but didn’t like it enough to keep it and have to worry about hiding straps.

Hinge Lace Bell Sleeve Top: Returned

dsc_1419dsc_1414Shirt | Jeans | Boots

I was super excited when I saw this top coming in my trunk and thought for sure I’d be keeping it. Once I had it on I wasn’t all that impressed with how it looked on me and decided to send it back. After seeing it in the photos I think it looks fine and kind of wish I’d kept it but I just remember feeling like it was so boxy and unflattering. The detailing was beautiful, that’s one thing I know for sure.

Alice Olivia Draped Wraparound Top: Returned

dsc_1395Top | Jeans

I love these wrap front tops. Not only are they pretty but they are super comfy and flattering. Like the cashmere sweater above, this one was too short on me. It photographed well but as I moved around it kept sliding up and my midriff was hanging out. Maybe a larger size would have fit better.

Kut from the Kloth Diana Stretch Corduroy Skinny Pants: Returned

dsc_1421dsc_1423Sweater | Pants | Shoes

When I saw these were coming I was pretty excited. I don’t own any corduroy pants and am definitely open to giving them a try. These were soft and velvety and isn’t the color just gorgeous? They were too big so I sent them back and am still on the hunt!

Halogen Long Sleeve Turtleneck: Returned
AG ‘The Stilt’ Cigarette Leg Jeans 7 Year Showcase: Returned

dsc_1429dsc_1432Top | Jeans | Shoes

Oh my gosh this shirt was so tight. There is never going to be a time when I will want to worry about sucking everything in all day so this top just wasn’t going to work for me. However, if you don’t have that concern, this is a great fitting turtleneck and comes in many colors.

The jeans were too big and I think you get a better look at the fit in the photos below. They look really great on the model so I was pretty excited to try these but my frame just didn’t flatter them. I did find other jean options in this trunk so I am super happy!

Halogen Patterned Cashmere Sweater: Returned
AG ‘The Stilt’ Cigarette Leg Jeans 7 Year Showcase: Returned

dsc_1438dsc_1440Sweater | Jeans

This is the softest sweater ever. I wanted to eat, sleep, and live in it! I typically like my sweaters oversized but I felt like this one wasn’t very flattering. Though I loved the softness, I didn’t totally love the pattern and fit so with price in mind I chose to send it back.

Trunk Club for Women Fall/Winter 2016 ||

If you are interested and want to try Trunk Club out for yourself, please let me refer you: Click here to sign up!

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