Blue Apron Review

Blue Apron Review ||

You may have noticed that I’ve been in a bit of a cooking rut. Or maybe you didn’t notice because this rut has extended for a such a long time you forgot that there used to be some pretty healthy and delicious food going on around this place. As this blog has evolved healthy eats have certainly taken to the back-burner and the same has happened in real life. I know I’m not the first person that wants to eat healthy but but struggles to find the time to create and incorporate interesting low-cal meals into everyday busy life.

Someday I’ll get my spark back and get back to experimenting and investing more time in the kitchen but for now my energies are focused elsewhere and I need to find other ways to eat healthy. But honestly, one can only live on salads, sushi, and lean cuisines for so long. I may have been at my lowest, most desperate food-rutty point when I received an offer in the mail for Blue Apron. Somewhat desperate to try something new it seemed like destiny.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron Review ||

Blue Apron is a weekly fresh ingredient home delivery service. Menu selection and grocery shopping is done for you, all you have to do is unpack the box and cook! There is no long term contract – after you sign-up you can skip any week and cancel any time. And, shipping is free!

There are two different plan options: 2-person or family plan. I went with the 2-person plan, which includes 3 meals weekly for two people. The price is $9.99 per serving or $59.94 for the week. The family plan includes either two or four meals weekly and serves 4 people. Pricing for the family plan is $8.74 per serving.

You don’t have to be a chef or really even that great at cooking to subscribe to this service because all meals come with recipe cards and step-by-step photos and online videos for help. The company is accommodating to all sorts of diets, like vegetarian and pescetarian; all you need to do is fill out your dietary profile after you sign up. I chose an omnivore diet and receive a mix of meat, poultry, and fish.

The ingredients are sourced locally and sent in pre-measured quantities so not only are they super fresh and seasonally appropriate but there’s also no waste. Every part of the packaging is also recyclable.

My Impression:

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First the pros. Every meal is good. Even the ones I’m skeptical about and honestly not that into trying seem to turn out tasty. I love trying new foods so this has really introduced me to some unique new ingredients and dishes. Every meal is healthy and between 500-800 calories (big pro for me!). There are no wasted ingredients or leftovers. Speaking of ingredients, they are super fresh – so far the quality has been much better than what I pick up at the grocery store and I’m sure that affects taste too. The recipe cards are so helpful in guiding how to prep and cook the meals. And of course, all the hard work is done for me, I get a delicious, unique, and healthy meal without having to take the time to create or search for the recipe or even shop for the ingredients.

Now the cons. The prep work is my biggest source of frustration. Each meal includes about 20-30 minutes of prep before cooking can even begin. Most recipes take 40-60 total and many nights I just don’t have the time or patience for that. I also wish there was a 2 meal option. I am finding that I’m having to force myself to cook the 3rd meal most weeks so it’s not wasted. Dedicating 3 heavy cooking nights in the kitchen during a busy work week is tough.

blueapronreview2390Blue Apron Review ||

After using this service for a month I’ve decided I am going to continue but I’ll be cutting back. Because the prep and cooking times are somewhat involved I’ll be reserving this service for weeks when I have the time and patience to cook and enjoy the process as well as the meals.

Have you tried Blue Apron? I’d love to hear about your experience!