Favorites Friday: Essie Gel Couture

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It’s been about a year since my last FF polish post and there’s a few reasons for that. First, I hadn’t really had the opportunity to wear any since I’d been spending so much time in the OR. Since that has recently changed I’ve been all about a pretty little manicure. The other reason I haven’t posted a great polish in a while is because I simply haven’t been wowed by any. Until now.

I am so tough on my hands and nails that I get only 1-2 days out of most expensive professional polishes and can only make a gel manicure last about five days. Currently, I see between 30-50 patients per day and I wash my hands before and after each. Including the 10-15 handwashes at home and showering, my hands and nails are scrubbed upwards of 100x per day. In addition, I am typing on a computer all day, cleaning, gardening, and crafting. With that much going on, my patience for trying new polishes has worn thin and I typically have low expectations of any that promise lasting wear.

When I first heard about Essie Gel Couture I wasn’t interested. Even though they offer an amazing color collection I haven’t been impressed in the past with essie’s basic formula in terms of longevity and quality for price. And then I went and had a gel manicure, which barely lasted 5 days and we all know how awful that polish is to try and remove. Kind of feeling like, “what do I have to lose”,  I purchased  the gel top coat and chose two shades that are typically my go-tos: a sheer pink and a pastel blush and decided to give this product a try.

  Essie Gel Couture:


Essie offers a whopping 42 shades in this collection – so many gorgeous colors. I have several more on my list to try. The system is easy, two coats of color and seal with the topcoat. Essie promises up to 14 days of wear with this UV light-free gel manicure.

I chose to use the subtle fairy tailor for this review. First I filed and cleaned my nails. And even though it’s not needed for this system, I did apply one base coat prior to applying the polish. Essie finally transitioned the brushes to the larger flat style, which I prefer and find provides for a much quicker and more even application. Because this particular color is so opaque I did apply three coats before applying two coats of the sealer. I like the formula for both the color and topcoat. I thought it was easy to work with with and dried even and fairly quickly.


My manicure lasted for 7 days before I had to remove it. Though that’s an entire week less than what is suggested by the company, as I mentioned before I’m very very tough on my hands and they certainly deal with more wear and tear than most. Seven days means that for me, this polish lasted longer than the average professional gel manicure lasts for me. The polish remained intact, super shiny, and without any chips the entire week. I did start to notice some wear on ends after about 4 days and on day 7 there was significant lifting that required me to remove it. The other notable mention is that the polish was easily removed with my regular non-acetone product.


Have you tried this system yet? What were your results? As soon as I took off fairy tailor I put on the other pink I bought, spool me over. I have this on right now and I’m interested in seeing how long I can make this round last!

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