AdoreMe and the Truth About Feeling Sexy

AdoreMe #sexysummerlingerie flatlay ||

When I was asked to participate in the #sexysummerylingerie flatlay project by AdoreMe I might have giggled. And then I had a moment of “Wait, really?” Thinking about all the things I’d include in a photo that authentically represents me in some sexy way made me think about all the ways I just am not.

Here’s the thing, if I were going to describe myself so many words come to mind, but “sexy” does not. I trip and walk into walls and corner-y things. I stutter. I always have coffee breath because without caffeine I’m not even human. When I yell my voice cracks like a 14 year old boy. I’m late to almost everything. I talk to children, my dog, and my wildflower garden like they are my best friends but when put in a room with peers I can barely form a sentence. I have uncontrollable fits of laughter associated with actual spittle. I’m not even kidding….. my latest victim is my brand new boss. #mortifying. And, I’m blind as a bat and literally helpless without my glasses or contacts.

Despite the awkward chaos that I am, there are things that make me feel good . Gardening, a fresh coat of paint on my nails, curling up with a good book, or topping my coffee off with whip cream in the morning. My whole face can go from tired to awake with a fresh coat of mascara. And I especially love not changing out of my robe until noon. But none of those things are super sexy. For girls like me who could use a little help, what I’m wearing underneath it all makes a huge difference. It doesn’t matter how awkwardly I’m laughing and tripping through life, there’s some added confidence that shows if I feel good about what I have on.

I think my AdoreMe flatlay for #sexysummerylingerie turned out to be an accurate collage of me, and it’s kind of sexy too. Who knew? I challenge you to play along! Adore Me has a great line of lingerie sets (your first one is only $24.95 when you sign-up!) for those of you interested in checking them out. Also, head over to Pinterest and check out the other #sexysummerylingerie flatlays that have been created.

AdoreMe #sexysummerlingerie flatlay ||

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