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DIY Window Planter Boxes II

DIY Window Planter Boxes II | www.pearlsandsportsbras.com |

Last year I made my own window planter boxes for the first time and throughout the summer they bloomed gorgeously and added such a lovely touch to my home (check out the original post here – there are step by step instructions with pictures). Now that I already had the boxes installed, all I had to do this year was decide on plant combinations. Last year I went with purples, whites, and grays mixed with green (see them here) but this year I wanted to give the classic red and white a try. I thought that would be a nice compliment to my white house with black shutters.

First I dug out all the old roots from the boxes and added some new potting soil and fertilizer. Then I arranged the plants the way I wanted then in the planters:


I chose (left to right): Vinca vine, wave white petunia, sweet potato vine, red geranium, red elatior begonia, white calibrachoa, silver falls vine

Here’s what they looked like the day I planted:


And here they are a few weeks later:

DIY Window Planter Boxes II | www.pearlsandsportsbras.com |DIY Window Planter Boxes II | www.pearlsandsportsbras.com |DSC_1176

Overall, I like how these came out this year too! I may have to trim the sweet potato vine down a bit in the box because it’s swallowing up the geranium and covering some of the vibrant red. The begonias aren’t doing as well as I hoped because my boxes get some sun so I think after this year I’ll give up on trying to incorporate them and try something taller. I’ll probably need to get new boxes next year too because though these were inexpensive boxes they are warped from how overgrown the plants have gotten this year and last. Does anyone have any box suggestions?

Do you make your own window boxes? What are your favorite plants to put in them?
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