Favorites Friday: Rompers [for grown a** women]

Favorites Friday: Rompers |www.pearlsandsportsbras.com|

When it comes to this whole romper trend, not all are created equal. I’ve personally been kind of “eh no thank you” towards them simply because I felt like this trend was  reserved for girls with “teen” still at the end of their age. But here’s the thing, do you know why they are so popular? It’s because they are comfortable! And easy, you guys, so easy. I purchased one last year that probably wasn’t the best option for me and it wasn’t until my Stitch Fix stylist sent me one (the most perfect one!) that I changed my opinion. Rompers work for everyone, let me prove it to you!

Honestly, it really didn’t take me a whole lot of digging to find a ton of great romper styles for us grown-ass-women. Things start to get a little sketchy for us if the “shorts” are too short, the romper is too snug, or if there are big cutouts. Some rompers are meant to be this way, but there are equally as many that aren’t. When looking for a mature style just keep a few things in mind: coverage, loose fit, and plain or basic patterns. These are my no-fail romper picks:


casualrompers1. Sleeveless Knit Romper | super casual and comfy and available in several colors
2. Lace Back Romper | only $15!
3. Denim Romper | hello chambray! and only $12
4. Double Layer Romper | perfect coverage and ready to be accessorized, other colors available


crochetromper1. Crochet Chambray Romper | did someone say crochet AND chambray? only $20
2. Embroidered Romper | perfect pattern for this summer and less than $30
3. Crochet Off-Shoulder Romper | has off-the-shoulder ever looked so comfy? Less than $20


stripedromper1. Stripe Romper | love the tie waist and less than $20
2. Aztec Striped Romper | super cute and a fun print for summer!
3. Off Shoulder Stripe Romper | I want this one!
4. Stripe Bottom Romper | great for 4th of July and also has a nautical feel for vacation!


floralromper1. Floral Romper | perfect for a wedding or shower and only $20
2. Sleeveless Floral Romper | full coverage and on super sale!!
3. Floral Cinched Waist Romper | great print for vacation and only $29


printromper1. Abstract Print Romper | so pretty and less than $20
2. Short Sleeve Romper | looks so much like a dress!
3. Printed Drawstring Romper | love this unique print and less than $18


dressyromper1. Buttoned Satin Romper | love the sleeves, other colors available, and less than $18
2. Off Shoulder Romper | sexy yet still full coverage and less than $30
3. Pom Pom Romper | hello pom-poms, other colors available and only $15

What do you think? Have I convinced you?
You’ll see the romper my Stitch Fix stylist sent soon, keep an eye out for that post!
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