Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day 2016 Gift Ideas |www.pearlsandsportsbras.com|

1. AX Watch | 2. Ray-Ban Aviator | 3. Jack Spade Briefcase | 4. No-Iron Shirt | 5. Horseshoe Set | 6. Bose Wireless Headphones | 7. Camping Chair | 8. Fitbit Watch | 9. Barbecue Set

My dad is the easiest man to choose a Father’s Day gift for, some fishing paraphernalia and done. If there’s any doubt about what he needs, then a Cabela’s gift card always puts a smile on his face. But sometimes that takes all the joy and surprise out of it. I’m still undecided which way I want to go this year, but Father’s Day is quickly approaching. If you’re looking for some ideas, I rounded up my favorites for you. This list covers all types, from the business suit dad to the outdoorsy. I hope you find something that inspires you and that your dad loves!

1. Watch

Thinking of splurging on Dad a bit this year? This is the best way to do it, in my opinion. An all-black option is perfect for the super stylish Dad. I’m personally a fan of this leather option with a pop of blue in the face. Or this one for the techie.

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2. Sunglasses

Whether he’s lost or broken his or if he just needs an upgrade from the convenience store pair he wears, sunglasses are also a great option. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t look good in an aviator, so if you’re unsure, try that. These are also a no-fail option, simple and stylish.

3. Bag

Does your dad need a new briefcase? Backpack? Gym bag? Don’t let him convince you that his worn and tattered bag is still in great condition, get him an upgrade. All of these are useful and great gift options.

fathersdaybags1 | 2 | 3

4. No-Iron Shirt

I’m careful with gifting clothing for a special holiday, because clothing can be, well, not so special. However, choosing something that is both comfortable, stylish, and better than what he might pick for himself is what makes for a good clothing gift.

5. Game Set

Father’s Day is conveniently located in summer. Choose a game or outdoor activity that you can do together. This horseshoe set is great for family time!

6. Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are an obvious choice if your Dad is an active runner, cyclist, or outdoorsman. But consider it for a dad who listens to audiobooks or travels often.

7. Outdoor Chair

If your Dad is a camper or just likes to go to outdoor events, doesn’t he deserve to have the Cadillac of folding chairs? My dad would love this gift!

8. Fitbit ‘Blaze’

This is a great option for health-conscious Dads or those looking to get back into health and probably not something he’d pick up for himself. It has so many great features he’ll be sure to love it!

9. Barbecue Set

This is always a strong choice for the “grillmaster” Dad. Pick a nice set, one that will last, and you’ll likely be rewarded with a tasty meal.

What will your Dad be getting this Father’s Day? If you weren’t sure, I hope you were able to find something from this list!
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