Trunk Club for Women: Summer 2016

Trunk Club for Women Review: Summer 2016 ||

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of having trunks full of brand new clothes arrive at my doorstep! This trunk in particular was an example for me of how convenient this service is – I took every single day of the 10 days the company allows for trying on and deciding which pieces were for me. I was so busy with work that I was too tired to even really rip into the clothes for several days and then after  I did I really needed the extra time to decide which to keep and which to send back. This time around I asked for a Summer Trunk. I directed my stylist to my Pinterest board and right here to this blog for help honing in on my own personal style.

Trunk Club:

1. Sign up and take a very brief style survey. You’ll fill out a personal profile and provide your stylist with links to your Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

2. Your stylist will handpick a selection of items for you to review online. After you provide your feedback, and your trunk is finalized, it’s shipped directly to your house.

3. You have 5 days to try on and decide on which items to keep. They provide you with shipping labels and tape strips so when you’re ready to ship the rest back, you schedule a pickup with UPS.

4. Fees: A $25 home try-on fee is charged to your account per trunk and this cash is credited towards any purchase you make.

What to Expect:

Your stylist is YOURS. Like, forever. She (or he) will want to get to know you. My stylist sent me an email with very specific style questions. Additionally, your stylist will expect communication via a telephone call, which I thought was required but others have said they didn’t have to participate in this part of this service (I could have done without). On the other hand, if that’s your thing, you can call your stylist whenever you want.

The clothing inventory is pulled from NORDSTROM, so there’s a vast selection at a wide range of price points. Be sure to point out to your stylist where you’d like to stay, price-wise or you will receive a $300 cashmere sweater.

You will be sent 10-15 pieces ranging from tops, bottoms, shoes, scarves, and accessories. Really, ask for anything. During your preview you can remove items from your trunk and they won’t be sent. Your stylist may add new items for you before sending so some of what you receive is a surprise.

Ask for a trunk whenever you want. This is more of a concierge service than a scheduled delivery. If requesting a trunk for a specific event allow enough time for communication and for your stylist to pull pieces and ship.

If you are interested and want to try Trunk Club out for yourself, please let me refer you: Click here to sign up!

A sincere huge THANK YOU to all those that have allowed me to refer them! I hope you are all loving this service, I’d love to hear back from you about what you received and what you thought!

Trunk Club for Women: Summer 2016


After my last Trunk was kind of a bust I waited until I returned from my girls trip and decided to try again for some summer pieces. I also asked for some dresses for upcoming bridal showers and summer weddings. In my message to my stylist I asked for most things to be below $100. Angela, my stylist asked to speak with me on the phone about some changes to Trunk Club and the conversation was a bit… awkward. Essentially, I gathered that Trunk Club is trying to re-establish itself as a luxury styling company to set themselves apart (from other styling services such as Stitch Fix), as their popularity has grown massively since they rolled out their service for Women. This is right in line with the recent addition of their new-client fee of $100. Obviously, they want to focus on serving women who are willing to invest in their clothing and in turn this will prevent women who just want to play dress-up from joining, and I can understand that. She mentioned that though they do offer clothing under $100 the selection is much more limited compared to higher price points, which I already knew. I asked her to keep sending me special pieces she’d think I’d love while keeping the rest at a reasonable price point.

Now lets get to the clothes. Here’s what I didn’t try on for you:

trunkclubsummer2Bee Darlin Skater Dress | Free People Floral Tunic | Frame Flare Jeans | Tinsel Pencil Skirt

Bee Darlin Lace Bodice Skater Dress: I thought this dress was very pretty but I didn’t really get to try it because the dress that was sent to me was not the correct size (I was supposed to receive a 1 but they sent a 13).
Free People Backyard Floral Print Tunic: I would never wear this tunic with shorts or pants – it just looks awkward. I tried it as a dress and it was a bit too short in the front. It could have worked as a bathing suit cover-up.
Frame Le High Flare Jeans: These were high-rise which I didn’t like and they were sooooo long. The hem drug on the floor even in my highest heels. The denim was great though.
Tinsel Faux Suede Pencil Skirt: This wasn’t my style at all, I didn’t even try it on

IMG_7920Steve Madden Carrson Sandal

Steve Madden Carrson Sandal: I love these and the color is great too! I wanted them in Sand because a neutral color is just far more versatile and I’d wear them more but Trunk Club didn’t have those available. I’d rather just purchase the color I want on my own, so I sent these back.

Halogen ‘Owen’ Pointy Toe Ghillie Flat $89.95: Kept

halogenowenghillieflat1halogenowenghillieflat2halogenowenghillieflat3Ghillie Flats | Tassel Crossbody | Floral Necklace

I’ve really wanted a pair of lace-up flats for a while now but haven’t taken the leap. I was actually planning on purchasing them in a blush color so I asked Angela if she had that color available and unfortunately they weren’t (though this brand does offer this shoe in several colors and can be purchased directly from Nordstrom). I thought white might work out ok too so I had her send them and it didn’t take long to convince me. I was afraid the sharp pointy-ness of the toe would be too much for me, but it wasn’t. They are really comfortable too, no cutting into my feet or ankles.

Vince Rolled Neck Pullover $168.75: Kept

vincerolledhighneckpullover1vincerolledhighneckpullover2Sweater | Necklace | Mules

Angela has been trying to get me to invest in a cashmere sweater since I first signed-up for Trunk Club and she sent me this one, which is similar to a sweater I pinned. It’s soft, comfortable, fits well, and somehow I don’t have a sweater like it already. If I manage to not ruin it, I’ll own and wear this forever.

Madewell ‘Balcony’ Eyelet Off the Shoulder Top $88: Kept
Caslon Distressed Ankle Skinny Jeans $74: Returned

DSC_0276DSC_0279DSC_0293Off the Shoulder Top | Skinny Jeans | Sandals | Necklace

The top was an instant hit with me, right on my style right now. It’s super cute and comfortable. The jeans I loved too but they were too big. I asked Angela if she had these in a smaller size and unfortunately they don’t (though I could buy them from Nordstrom if I wanted, as they currently do carry the smaller size).

Paige Denim ‘Transcend Lou Lou’ Flare Jeans $199: Returned

paigedenimtranscendloulouflarejeansdaliaOff the Shoulder Top | Flare Jeans | Necklace

These felt glorious, like Paige Denim usually does. But they were SO long. They drug on the floor even in my highest heels. The hunt for flares continues…

Vince Easy Fit Colorblock Pullover $147: Returned

vincecolorblockpullover1vincecolorblockpullover2Colorblock Sweater | Skinny Jeans | Mules | Necklace

This is another cashmere pullover that Angela sent. Other than being oversized, I thought it was ugly. Very soft though, but not soft enough to get me to see past price and lack of detail.

Topshop Scallop Hem Tee $25: Returned

topshopscallophemtee1topshopscallophemtee2topshopscallophemtee3Top | Shorts | Necklace | Sandals

I liked this top – it was easy, comfy, and lightweight. The price is great too! It could have been worn a ton of different ways but I though it was just a little bit too short.

Topshop Raspberry Rose Print Shorts $50: Returned

topshopraspberryroseprintshorts1topshopraspberryroseprintshorts2Tee | Shorts

Aren’t these ruffle shorts cute? They were really comfy and I did like them a lot. I thought they could be worn as an outfit or for lounging. I thought I could find a similar style for less though.

Eliza J Lace Tulip Dress $158: Returned

elizajlacetulipdress2elizajlacetulipdress1Lace Dress | Heels | Necklace

I was looking forward to trying this dress on but unfortunately it was too big. I pinned it back for these photos but I still don’t think I got a sense of what it really would have looked like. Overall, it felt more like a “mother of the bride” dress and I think ultimately it would have been too over-the-top for anything I’ll be attending.

Eliza J Cutout Back Lace Fit & Flare Dress $158: Returned

elizajcutoutbacklacefitandflaredress1elizajcutoutbacklacefitandflaredress2Lace Dress | Heels

I was also looking forward to trying this one on. I didn’t specifically ask for lace-only but for some reason my stylist only sent that style. This one seemed like an option until I unfolded it and realized there was crinoline lining for added poof. I felt like a flowergirl, it was too much. I did like the cutout in the back though.

Trunk Club for Women Review: Summer 2016 ||

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my “keepers” from this trunk! I’d have done some significant damage to my wallet if those Caslon Jeans and Steve Madden heels had worked out too (still kind of hoping my stylist sends the right size/colors in those)! I’m still searching for some dressier pieces for bridal showers and upcoming weddings, but I’ve got time. Since sizing seems to be such an issue, I’m going to go back through my profile and update to see if that makes any difference. I also think my stylist is still a bit confused about my own personal style so I’ll continue to try to make things easier for her via Pinterest and my messages to her – I’m hopeful things will continue to progress. See you next trunk!

If you are interested and want to try Trunk Club out for yourself, please let me refer you: Click here to sign up!

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