22 Minute Hard Corps: Week 1 Review

22 Minute Hard Corps: Week 1 Review |www.pearlsandsportsbras.com|

Week 1 (out of 8) of Hard Corps is done! Already I’ve noticed some changes in my body, but I’ll get to that in a second. First, let me give you some details about the first week of workouts. I noticed that the time is wrong on the Core 1 workout – the DVD case says that it’s 22 minutes but it’s really only 10. Also, as I kind of figured, there are no warm-ups (resistance has a very brief warm-up)- if you’re really wanting one you’ll have to do the cold start, which is an additional video. The cooldowns are also very short, which is probably not a good thing. Now, lets go over the specific workouts and exercises:

Week 1 Schedule:

Monday: Cardio 1 and Core 1
Tuesday: Resistance 1
Wednesday: Cardio 1 and Core 1
Thursday: Resistance 1
Friday: Cardio 2 and Core 1
Saturday: Resistance 1


Cardio 1: 22 minutes, 7 exercises, 3 rounds with short breaks in-between. Reps are all different and change every round
T-Jacks: jumping jacks, with a twist
Bear Crawl: like it sounds, get down on the ground and crawl like a bear
Lateral Shuffle: shuffle back and forth with a little core work too
Lunge Twist: lunges with a “twist”, again with core work
Burpees: just like it sounds
A-Skips: a goofy but fun exercise that focuses on core
Run Lunge Squat: anything that involves both lunges and squats in the same move is tough

Core 1: 10 minutes, 9 exercises all on the floor, 1 round each
V-ups: standard
Chop Twist: v-sit while using a weight in a paddling back and forth motion
Boda Crunch Twist: sit-ups with a “twist”
Scissor Slicer: scissor lifts with arms
Cobra crunch: focuses on the back
Kick Twist: I honestly can’t remember this one…. oops
Rock The Boat: rock back and then hold in v position
Plank Roll: Plank, roll, plank, and repeat
Flutter Kicks: tough, and too hard to explain, great ab exercise

Resistance 1: 22 minutes, 5 exercises and 1 final power move, 3 rounds
Warmup: sprint, jumping jacks, etc
Pushups: exactly as it sounds
Squat thrusts: squats with weights and shoulder press
Pull-ups: need a pull up bar or bands for these
Chopper Lunge: lunge with weight and an added move for core
Sit-up Punch: sit ups and jabs
Sprint/burpee/pushups: 9 rounds of these

Cardio 2: 22 minutes, 7 exercises, 3 rounds with short breaks in-between. Reps are all different and change every round
Sprint: in place
Mountain Climbers: on the floor
Straight Leg Sprint: as it sounds
Gorilla Crawls: just like it sounds, super tough on the legs
Jimmie Jumps: kind of like squat jumps
Water Bug: like plyometric planks
Frog Burpee: just like regular burpees, but in a squat position


So far so good. 22 minutes is ideal – I haven’t been staring at the clock waiting for the misery to end. I’m happy to do the workouts daily because they take up so little time. I do work up a sweat. Cardio 2 seems to be the toughest (so far) and really the only one that I can’t finish off every round. Well, that’s not true, Core 1 is tough too but a totally core-based segment is certain to bring about some fatigue. I like the structure of the program, each video is set up the same with 3 rounds of exercises so you know what’s coming next. I do wish the warm-up was longer and the same with the cool-down.

My own results have been good so far! This first week I’ve lost 2lbs, somewhat unintentionally. I wasn’t looking to loose though the combo of so much cardio and alterations in diet were bound to make something move. I’ve noticed little changes all over but I will say in just 1 week my stomach feels more solid (with the most definition popping up here) and my legs are slimmer. The only exercise I didn’t do were the pull-ups. I don’t have a bar and the bands tend to give me shoulder pain and headaches so I just skipped them, otherwise I went as hard as I could during the videos. As far as nutrition, I haven’t been following the diet the program recommends. For me, it’s all about balanced choices throughout the day with the emphasis on appropriate portion sizes. Generally, my meal choices are healthy and “clean” (lean meats, fresh or steamed veggies, little to no pasta or rice) but snacking can be an issue. One of my goals was to cut back on snacking and honestly that was the toughest part of the whole week! I’m starting Week 2 today and I plan on checking back in when I’ve finished week 4 so keep on the lookout for that (or join in with me!).

Check out my program overview here.

See you in a few weeks!
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