22 Minute Hard Corps: Let’s Get Started

22 Minute Hard Corps: Review |www.pearlsandsportsbras.com|

Complacency really isn’t my thing, as far as fitness is concerned. I finished my 4 Week Beachbody Hybrid about two weeks ago (my results were so great – dropped 4lbs and toned abs, arms, shoulders, and thighs!) and I considered just doing that again but I’ve had 22 Minute Hard Corps sitting around since my Dad got it for me for my birthday in April. I took a week off from exercise after returning from the beach but now I am soo ready to jump right back in! Let me tell you what I know about this program so far and my opinions based on what I’ve read. I’ll keep you updated as I work through the next 8 weeks and plan to outline the workouts for you as well. I hope you’ll join in with me!

22 Minute Hard Corps:

Tony Horton hosts this exercise program based on tough, fast-paced, military-style training. True to his typical style, he uses a combo of cardio, core, and strength-based workouts to increase heart-rate, fat burn, and maximize muscle gain. In this program, instead of leading the workouts, Tony coaches and directs, allowing a group of actual soldiers to guide. The videos are quick, 22 minutes total, including the warm-up and cool-down. There are few, short breaks. Obviously, because the videos are so short, nutrition is important so there’s a detailed meal-planning guide included. You’ll need dumbbell weights (or sandbag, which comes in the deluxe kit) and a chin-up bar (or bands with door attachment).

  • 8 Week Program with 6 exercise days and 1 rest day (Sunday)
  • Nutrition Guide for help with meal planning (deluxe kit includes food containers and shaker cup)
  • Optional 9th “Hell Week”
  • 3 Cardio videos – each 22 minutes long
  • 2 Core videos – each 22 minutes long
  • 3 Resistance videos – each 22 minutes long
  • Cold Start (warm-up) – 11 minutes long
  • Bonus video: P90x3 The Warrior
  • Deluxe kit includes 3 additional advanced total body workouts


Starting Line:

I have no affiliation with Beachbody other than the fact that I enjoy the programs and have seen great results. I’ve done Insanity, P90x3, T25, PIYO, Insanity Max:30, and Hammer and Chisel. It’s important to determine goals for yourself at the beginning of every program. I’ve just finished my own hybrid Beachbody schedule so I’m in pretty good shape and I don’t need to lose any weight. With this in mind, my own goals for this program are to maintain weight, further tone trouble spots, and increase strength and endurance. This program is also great for this time of year because the videos are short and I compensate for that a bit by being super busy working outside. I personally won’t follow the nutrition plan because I routinely practice portion control but I am looking to clean up my “snacking” a bit, so that’s another goal. I’m starting today, what do you think?

22 Minute Hard Corps: Review |www.pearlsandsportsbras.com|

Will you join me? What are your goals?
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