Beach Essentials

Beach Essentials 2016 ||1. Oxford Shorts | 1. Straw Tote | 3. Aloe Lotion | 4. Straw Hat | 5. The Nest | 6. Tassel Cover-up | 7. Neutrogena Sunscreen | 8. Tassel Sandal | 9. Beach Towel | 10. Wireless Headphones | 11. Off-Shoulder Dress

Returning from vacation this week had me thinking about all the things that make for a great beach experience. That inspired me to round up my list of “must have” items for you so your next trip can be flawless!

1.  Cotton Short: A great pair of comfortable shorts will go a really long way on vacation. Find a pair that will go with several tops (I personally own the blue pair in the image above but there are many color options available) and you will want to wear them all vacation long. I found them versatile enough to wear for a walk on the beach, dinner, and shopping.
2. Straw Tote: Not just fashionable (so adorable!) these are the best for the beach for a reason. They are super lightweight and have a ton of room for storage. They are also really easy to clean of sand and other beachy debri. I own this bag but I’m loving this classic style, and also this one too.
3. Aloe: Despite your best efforts, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with some sunburn so you should prepare in advance. I prefer a good aloe lotion because aside from the soothing qualities from the aloe, it”ll help keep the scorched skin hydrated. I suggest buying before you travel because aloe tends to be more expensive in touristy/vacation locations, for obvious reasons. Another tip, pack some ibuprofen too, that’ll also help with any burns.
4. Floppy Hat: A little ostentatious and some are even a bit obnoxious, but there’s a good reason these are so popular for the beach. The size of the hat allows for great sun coverage. I own this one and it covers my head, face, neck, chest, and shoulders. It really came in handy on the last day of my vacation when I had a bit too much sun exposure and needed protection. I also love this style and this one too.
5. Book: This one goes without saying. Before I leave for vacation I always load up my kindle with a few books and this time I took a paperback to read as well. I read DISCLAIMER at the beach. I also had The Nest and The Girl on the Train on my kindle.
6. Bathing Suit Cover-Up: A simple comfy cover-up will make a beach day a whole lot easier. Find one that is easy to slip on and off (no awkward beach undressing required). I also look for lightweight, no fuss cover-ups that will still be comfortable over a sunburn. They also make good pillows for a quick beach nap! Love this option too.
7. Suncreen: This one is self-explanatory. Pack for your body, face, and lips, because nothing is safe! Look for a higher SPF than you would normally grab because you will vastly underestimate the intensity of the sun on a beach. This is my favorite face sunscreen because it applies dry, no greasy residue or unpleasant scent. And reapply often (this is where I get into trouble…).
8. Sandals: Find the perfect sandal and you’ll only need one for your entire trip! I’d choose one with an ankle strap because it’ll work for the beach and walking. A simple sandal like this one is perfect. Or this one with some added pizzaz will make your simple outfits stand out.
9. Beach Towel: You really should invest in a heavy duty beach towel, like this one. It’s nice to have a bigger towel on the beach to accommodate both you and your belongings. Also, a heavier towel will hold up better against wind. These are some other great options: here/here/here.
10. Wireless Earbuds: These are a bit on the pricier side but totally worth the investment! Although I use mine primarily for exercise, they are perfect for vacation too. On the beach, you can use them to listen to your music without exposing your phone to sand and water. You can also connect to your kindle and listen to your books without struggling to read those crappy screens! Here’s a more affordable option.
11. Easy Sundress: Like the shorts, if you find the perfect sundress, you’ll get so much wear out of it on vacation and it’ll help cut down on over-packing. I choose an off-the-shoulder option because they are adorable bu also because they are so comfortable to wear over a bit of sunburn (I speak from experience, obviously). Change up the accessories and shoes and wear it multiple times. It also works as a bathing suit cover-up! This is also a lovely option.

What are your beach essentials?
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