Trunk Club for Women: Spring 2016

Trunk Club for Women: Spring 2016 Review

After having some success with my first Trunk Club shipment I was pretty excited to see what my stylist would round up for a spring trunk. I asked for white skinny jeans that would pass for work appropriate. The rest I left up to my stylist, asking for spring things, bright colors and pastels. I told her I wanted romantic and floral pieces and maybe some dresses. I’ll review the trunk and show you my items in just a moment. But first, let me tell you what Trunk Club is all about:

Trunk Club:

1. Sign up and take a very brief style survey. You’ll fill out a personal profile and provide your stylist with links to your Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

2. Your stylist will handpick a selection of items for you to review online. After you provide your feedback, and your trunk is finalized, it’s shipped directly to your house.

3. You have 5 days to try on and decide on which items to keep. They provide you with shipping labels and tape strips so when you’re ready to ship the rest back, you schedule a pickup with UPS.

4. Fees: A $25 home try-on fee is charged to your account per trunk and this cash is credited towards any purchase you make.

What to Expect:

Your stylist is YOURS. Like, forever. She (or he) will want to get to know you. My stylist sent me an email with very specific style questions. Additionally, your stylist will expect communication via a telephone call, which I thought was required but others have said they didn’t have to participate in this part of this service (I could have done without). On the other hand, if that’s your thing, you can call your stylist whenever you want.

The clothing inventory is pulled from NORDSTROM, so there’s a vast selection at a wide range of price points. Be sure to point out to your stylist where you’d like to stay, price-wise or you will receive a $300 cashmere sweater.

You will be sent 10-15 pieces ranging from tops, bottoms, shoes, scarves, and accessories. Really, ask for anything. During your preview you can remove items from your trunk and they won’t be sent. Your stylist may add new items for you before sending so some of what you receive is a surprise.

Ask for a trunk whenever you want. This is more of a concierge service than a scheduled delivery. If requesting a trunk for a specific event allow enough time for communication and for your stylist to pull pieces and ship.

If you are interested and want to try Trunk Club out for yourself, please let me refer you: Click here to sign up!

Trunk Club for Women: Spring 2016


Doesn’t this trunk look soooo promising? Sigh. I was hopeful. Unfortunately, color, cut, and material issues meant I kept nothing. I’m not entirely sure my stylist totally comprehends my style yet, but we’ll get more into that as we go.

Here are the pieces that I knew I wasn’t going to keep immediately after trying on. I didn’t photograph definite “no’s”.


This blouse was very large. It also aged me a decade or two. I think she tried to deliver a “spring top” with this one but it really wasn’t my jam…


I liked this sweater a lot, it was just too short. I can’t be wasting my time or money on sweaters that I can’t raise my arms in. It had a zipper up the center of the back that was pretty cool.


I loved this top, it was pretty and so soft. It wasn’t as long as it appears in this photo. I think we can all agree $88 is too much for this.


I really hated this color. Loved the shirt though.


As you might imagine, this dress completely washed out my skin tone. Because I have a little chest (ok, they are small but still there) and a booty it wasn’t flattering on me, especially from the side. 


My stylist sent this skirt to me at my own request. She picked a purple/red option (photographed below) and I asked for another color if available. She was definitely right on this one. The black version was just underwhelming and kind of odd.


I can see why she thought these might be my style but I’m not really into anything on my foot this messy and ostentatious. I don’t like the pattern, and they weren’t very pretty on.


I was so hopeful for these! I really want a white casual sneaker for spring/summer. I tend to feel that the mouth of converses (the rubber top) is just too awkwardly big and wide. I may opt for a more a affordable no name option.

Now, onto the stuff I was unsure about:

Free People ‘Tula’ Off the Shoulder Top: $58


I am 100% in the market for an off the shoulder top. I really wanted to love this one…. but I really don’t like red. I think I’m also looking for something more loose, romantic, and casual. This is more sexy. I didn’t feel like me in it.

Free People ‘Pretty Rad’ Lace Split Back Sweater: $128


Oh my goodness you guys! Another perfect sweater ruined by being a crop top. Ugh. I did tell my stylist no more crops. This one had the lacy overlay but still showed quite a bit of midriff. It had a pretty split back, so that really limited even more where it could be worn. It wasn’t worth the $128.

Love by Design Scalloped Hem Faux Suede Skirt: $48


I was surprised by how much I liked the color of this skirt. I wish it wasn’t in faux suede, the material really highlights trouble spots. I also didn’t like the buttons. But I am all about that scalloped hem! Other than this black tank I ran out of styling ideas.

Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans in Pure White: $125

DSC_0435DSC_0440DSC_0441shoes: exact

I totally would have kept these if not for the high-rise fit.They are otherwise everything I want in white skinny jeans. They hit me right at my belly button which is just too high and uncomfortable.

Madewell Momento Fringe Cardigan Sweater: $98

DSC_0417DSC_0428DSC_0424shoes: exact
jeans: exact

Despite the price I was really planning on keeping this sweater until I saw these photos of myself! First, the quality is amazing, true to the brand name, it’s heavy duty and luxurious. Second, fringe, obviously. The sweater felt kind of big and boxy on but I didn’t realize how frumpy I looked until I saw the photos. I decided not to buy it.


I’m off to pack everything up and send it all back. I’m going to ask for another spring trunk and I’m hopeful that one will be closer to my own personal style and include better fits. What did you guys think?

If you are interested and want to try Trunk Club out for yourself, please let me refer you: Click here to sign up!

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