Spring Closet Cleanout and Organization

Spring Closet Cleanout and Organization |www.pearlsandsportsbras.com|

Spring is on its way and the first stop on my “spring cleaning” checklist is my closet. Not only does the room just need a good swipe through with the duster, but it’s the perfect time to purge and swap out winter items with what I’ll need for the upcoming season.

I go through my closet twice a year: spring and fall. Each time the task gets a little easier because I’ve honed in on a “system” that seems to be pretty effective at keeping my closet organized, functional, and under control. I thought I’d share my thoughts and process with you in the hopes it may help you manage your own closet and give you some new ideas on how to make a more functional space for storing and utilizing your clothes.

Though this post is primarily about sorting and storing clothes, you can check out these posts here and here where I shared some of my other fun closet room organization ideas. You can also check out my closet room before and after photos here.


I begin with shoes because for me, this is the easiest. In my closet, all of my in-season and frequently worn shoes are displayed on adjustable bookshelves – which cost me a total of $65 BTW. Super affordable, if you have the space, I recommend this method of display. You’ll get far more use out of your shoes, I swear by it!

Twice a year I switch out fall/winter shoes for spring/summer. This involves some shelf adjusting – which is simple to do. I keep all out-of-season shoes and rarely worn shoes (that I still want to keep) on a shoe rack in the actual closet in my closet room. Even if you don’t display your shoes like this I still recommend going through them twice a year and purging old.


I select tall boots I’m unlikely to wear going into spring and snow boots and begin a “sorting pile”. I scan the shelves for any shoes I haven’t worn or will be unlikely to wear and add them to the pile too.


From this pile I decide what will be given away or tossed and what goes into the closet for the season. Much easier to deal with than two shelves of shoes, right? Once this pile is dealt with, I enter the closet and bring out what was put in there during the closet cleanout in the fall and sort through the spring/summer shoes.


This is another opportunity to toss some shoes I’m unlikely to wear this season. The rest go onto the bookshelves to be put into circulation:


Easy system for shoes, right? And as you can see, I have some free space for new additions 🙂

Grab and Go

I use these cube organizers as my “grab and go” station. I have two units stacked and each unit cost $65 – which I thought was fairly reasonable for the size. I basically keep everything in these cubes that can be thrown on quickly and don’t need to be ironed (tees, sleep shirts, gym clothes, pants, jeans, scrubs). The cubes are also  great for accessories like purse display. They have baskets made to fit inside, which provide a whole variety of storage opportunities. One of my baskets holds an assortment of belts and another holds gym shoes. 


Keeping this unit from getting out of control does take some finesse. It requires a little extra time for folding and sorting laundry – but the benefit is that everything is perfectly organized and on display. Sorting through the clothes was easy. And, because these items are in constant circulation, I got rid of very little. I did re-organize the cubes a bit- now that spring is here I needed a better location for shorts and more room for cropped pants.


Clothes Rack

The majority of my tops and blouses are displayed on a closet organizer rack. This is where the brunt of the cleanout happens because this is where clothes might go to die, if there were to be any casualties. First, the pros to having this unit outside of the actual closet space is that it’s exposed, in bright light, and easy to sort through. This means I am pretty well aware of everything I own and make an effort to keep things in circulation as well as limit buying similar items. I only have one unit and I’ve made it my life’s challenge to keep my top/blouse collection limited to just this rack. I store dresses, vests, tanks, and cardi’s in the actual closet, since those don’t need to be displayed for me to remember to wear.


To sort, I simply start at one end and begin working. I create 3-4 piles (storage, give away, throw away, sell). Anything I haven’t worn in 1-2 years goes in the pile to be further sorted. I’ve done this enough times now that my piles are fairly small nowadays when I’m doing a cleanout. I guess maybe this means I’m also getting better at limiting frivolous purchases too! 

  • Storage: Items that won’t be worn in the upcoming season. I also suggest storing, rather than tossing pieces that may seem outdated but may potentially make a comeback (hello flared jeans and fringe)
  • Give away or Sell: Anything that is no longer your style but still in relatively good shape. Also pieces that just don’t fit anymore. During this cleanout I chose to send my unwanted items to ThredUP for resale
  • Toss: Anything irreparable. Tears, rips, and stains


Clothes Rack Organization

  • Create a small section for items that you’ve recently purchased. For me, its to the right of all my neutrals (you can see it in the above photos). I keep all my new clothes here and this is the spot I first go to when looking for something to wear. This way, nothing gets lost in the closet without being worn. 
  • Color-coded. In case you haven’t noticed, I organize my rack by colors (hello ROY G BIV) – it makes the process of finding and storing items so much easier!
  • Keep undershirts like cami’s and tanks as well as cardi’s, basic tees, hoodies, and sweatshirts separate from the rest of your tops and blouses. I store mine in the actual closet. I find when they are included on the clothes rack with the rest of my tops/blouses the hoodies and sweatshirts take over and the camis and tanks get lost.


And that’s that! What are your spring closet cleaning tips and organization tricks? I’d love to hear them!
Happy Spring Cleaning and thanks for stopping by!