DIY Spring Decor II

DIY Spring Decor ||

Last week I had some time to waste while waiting for the dog to finish at the groomers so I walked into Michaels without any real plan. I haven’t been feeling too imaginative or crafty lately but as soon as I walked in there creative juices started flowing. It helped that they always have amazing sales. My goals (which were totally created on the spot) were to make a spring decoration that would also pass for an Easter item, it also needed to be suitable for the outdoors, and all of the materials needed to be 50% off.

This was pretty easy. Honestly, like the entire store was on sale. My inspiration was this galvanized bucket. When I saw this (and saw that it was on sale) I knew I was going to buy it. Initially I figured I’d somehow use it for gardening or back deck decoration but decided I wanted to do something with it until it was time for that:


As luck would have it, all of the faux flowers were also 50% off. And I know I keep telling myself, and you, that I’m going to stop buying faux flowers but I couldn’t help myself! It’s not like I can grow any yet. I convince myself it’s ok because they are on sale, I would never buy this many faux flowers at full price. Besides, this whole project turned out gorgeous, I think you’ll agree. Let me show you:

Spring Flower Tub:

DIY Spring Decor: Flower Bucket ||


– Faux flowers of a few varieties and colors. I believe I purchased 8 “bunches”
– A bucket or pot to place them in
– Wet or dry foam for keeping the flowers in place
Additional: something flat and heavy to keep the bucket in place if you will be putting this outside. Also, you may want a bow to tie around the front (I thought a burlap bow would be pretty). The birch logs I bought at Michaels a long time ago but are still available.



Place something heavy in the bottom of the bucket to keep it from being easily knocked over ( I just used a broken piece of stone cutting board I had lying around the house). Then place your foam.


Next, begin arranging your flowers. You may have to do this a few times. Place them at varying lengths with the tallest stems in the back.


Mess with the stems a bit to spread them out so the flowers aren’t super compacted. Then add any accents you have, like logs or bows.

Yes. I know I need to get my hair done.

It’s as simple as that! Decide where you want to place it and enjoy! No watering needed 😉


What do you think? I’d love to see your spring projects!
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