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Stitch Fix Review #10: March 2016

March 2016 Stitch Fix Review ||

I think Spring fixes may just be my favorite! Technically this is my second February box but I’m calling it my March fix since it showed up at the very end of the month. My last fix was a 0/5 for me so I was looking forward to this one more than usual. In my note to my stylist I simply told her I was feeling very springy and wanted lots of items for the upcoming season. That didn’t give her much to go on, which I realized could go badly for me but I was feeling risky. For direction, she paid close attention to my Pinterest board and I was happy to receive a really cool fix, thank you Rachel!

Stitch Fix Review: March 2016 ||

What is it:

Stitch Fix is a monthly (or semi-regularly, it’s up to you) personal stylist service. The most popular option is a monthly home delivery of 5 items, clothing and accessories, to your door, picked by your stylist. The monthly stylist fee is $20 (yep, that’s it!) and if you choose to keep any of the items, that $20 goes toward your purchase. Once your Fix arrives, you get 3 business days to decide which items to keep, and which, if any, you want to send back. If you need to send items back, they provide you with a prepaid package that can be placed in your mailbox so you literally have to do nothing. To purchase the clothing/accessories you want to keep, you log into your online account, and select the ones you’re keeping and checkout. That’s it!

If you are someone who hates shopping, but doesn’t mind someone shopping for you, this is perfect. If you are someone who needs to be shopped for – then you need this service. If you’re intrigued and you want to step out of your comfort zone and let someone else give you suggestions based on information you’ve given them about what you like, this is what this service is all about!

How to sign up:

Your Stitch Fix stylists will need to get to know you, so you begin by creating an account and taking a personal style quiz and filling out your style profile. This is kind of fun and gives you quite a bit of say in what shows up at your door each month. **You will select your desired price ranges during this part as well. All of your answers and preferences can be changed at any time.

You should also start a Pinterest Stitch Fix board for your stylists to see what your personal style is all about. Be specific and detailed with what you post on there, that will help guide them. There’s a spot in your style profile to paste the link to your Pinterest board.

You can leave the stylists additional messages if you are looking for something specific to arrive in your box – for example, if you have a wedding to go to, or will be going on vacation, job interviews, etc. Your stylists will send you options for these events. You can request to NOT receive specific items in your boxes (I just requested to no longer receive jewelry). I asked not to receive pleather or real fur…

You’ll select when you’d like your box delivered each month (or how often), and it’ll arrive on your doorstep 🙂 You’ll get an email a week or two before, asking if you have any last minute requests for your stylist, and another email when your box has shipped. Once it arrives, you’ll have 3 business days to decide on which items you’ll keep or send back.

Are you sold yet? Let me refer you!

Go here to sign up: Stitch Fix!

For those of you who have used my referral link, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Don’t forget to encourage your friends to use yours now that you’ve signed up!

March 2016

March 2016 Stitch Fix Review ||DSC_2564DSC_2566

Margaret M Emer Printed Straight Leg Pant: Kept

March 2016 Stitch Fix Review: Margaret M Emer Printed Straight Leg Pant ||March 2016 Stitch Fix Review: Margaret M Emer Printed Straight Leg Pant ||margaretmemerprintedpant3striped flats / gingham shirt /

I’ve actually received a pair of Emers before in a print that I really didn’t like but I remembered that I liked how comfy they were. I was excited to get these on because this color/pattern was much more my style. They are actually more bold green in person than they are in the photos and although I wanted more of a pastel mint pant, these fit well and I still liked the color so I kept them. The waist on these goes to the belly button but somehow they aren’t super uncomfortable. There are no zippers or buttons, no fuss, and very lightweight. 

41 Hawthorn Austra Polka Dot Trench Jacket: Returned

March 2016 Stitch Fix Review: 41Hawthorn Austra Polka Dot Trench Jacket ||March 2016 Stitch Fix Review: 41Hawthorn Austra Polka Dot Trench Jacket ||41hawthornaustrapolkadottrenchjacket3DSC_2529/ necklace /

This is a super cute lightweight polka dot trench coat. It fit well, and I liked the length. I returned it because I’m just not a polka dot girl. There is a weird panel (on this photo you can see it upper right breast) I wasn’t sure about. That same flap of material was missing from the left, I’m still confused by it… I actually loved the inside lining, had I been sent a trench in that material I definitely would have kept it! I am wearing it with the emer pants from above.

Skies are Blue Hoya Cutout Sleeve Blouse: Kept

March 2016 Stitch Fix Review: Skies are Blue Hoya Cutout Sleeve Blouse ||skiesarebluehoyacutoutsleeveblouse2March 2016 Stitch Fix Review: Skies are Blue Hoya Cutout Sleeve Blouse ||skiesarebluehoyacutoutsleeveblouse4/ jeans / necklace /

This shirt is a winner. I knew it from the second I peeked online before it was delivered. I love the color and the ruffled collar. I was unsure about the cutout sleeves but after trying it on I am liking the added flair. It has a loose-fitted undershirt built in so no tank has to be worn underneath. Love it!

41Hawthorn Piper Asymmetrical Hem Skirt: Returned

41hawthornpiperasymmetricalhemskirt4March 2016 Stitch Fix Review: 41Hawthorn Piper Asymmetrical Hem Skirt ||March 2016 Stitch Fix Review: 41Hawthorn Piper Asymmetrical Hem Skirt ||/ statement necklace / choker necklace /

Here I am giving up another freaking fantastic skirt and I’m so mad about it! So here’s the thing, I love this skirt – it’s pretty, trendy, and comfortable. I want an asymmetrical dress or skirt and I was really happy Rachel delivered. In theory, it’s perfect for work. Except the slit in right in the middle of the thighs and often too much leg is exposed. For my particular job, it just won’t work, I need more coverage. I’m posing modestly in the pictures but I played around in it a bit and sat in it and couldn’t make it work. Another painful send back 😦

Amour Vert For Stitch Fix AAlessandro Silk V-Neck Blouse: Returned

amourvertforstitchfixalessandrosilkvneckblouse1March 2016 Stitch Fix Review: Amour Vert For Stitch Fix Alessandro Silk V-Neck Blouse ||March 2016 Stitch Fix Review: Amour Vert For Stitch Fix Alessandro Silk V-Neck Blouse ||/ boots / necklace /

This top is really comfortable and I liked the length. I didn’t like the print or the price tag, so back it went.

March 2016 Stitch Fix Review ||

Though I’m striking out so far on casual spring clothes I did get some nice spring work pieces and I’m pretty happy with this fix overall. I always appreciate Rachel’s efforts, it’s hard to woo my level of picky, and she does a great job. Next month I think I’m going to be asking for more of the same: bright colors, pastels, florals, and maybe even a dress 🙂

Stitch Fix Review: March 2016 ||

Stitch Fix and Sign Up!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to those who have used my referral already!!

Go check out my stitch fix board! If you want to see pins from prior fixes and other fashion inspiration, check out my style board on Pinterest or, if you’d just like to check out my Pinterest in general, feel free to follow me!

Go check out more stitch fix reviews here:

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22 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review #10: March 2016

  1. I love the asymmetrical skirt. It’s too bad it didn’t work for you. It looks like it fits big – am I right (before asking for it myself, that would be helpful to know)? The pants are really very pretty, too. Thanks for sharing!!


    1. I thought you might like that skirt! It was a little big (I could tuck that chunky yellow sweater in no problem) and it was an XS so I think it would be too big for you unless they offer it in petite. It had a lot of stretch and might shrink up though. Thanks for reading!


  2. I got the Emers in my fix. LOVED them, except the price. They are really thin (I could see panty lines) and for $98 I would rather buy LOFT or WHBM cropped pants that are thicker material for $78. Now, had I liked all 5 pieces, I could have justified it with the discount. Anyway, just saw you had purchased the pants and wondered what you thought of the quality for the price. Looking for inspiration for my next fix!


    1. Jennifer, I love them! They are thin but that’s what makes them so comfy. I recommend these panties:

      I wear these everyday at work and NO panty lines ever, especially in thin scrubs). I can’t seem to find that same teal/turq color elsewhere. I did have some credits for referrals so that helped with price.


  3. Just to let you know the Margaret M pants shrink dramatically in length. I own 2 pairs and wash according to the instructions (cold water and line dry). The first pair shrunk about 2″ and second pair about 1-1/5″. I’ve spoken with others on Stitch Fix BST pages and this seems to be a very consistent result.


  4. Can I ask a mildly personal question? I just got a pair of the emers and they are way too big (trying to determine size postpartum is nigh impossible). I’m wondering what size pant do you usually wear the Internet is tricky and you look about the same size as me. I want to see if they have the pant in an xs, but only if it’ll fit. Thanks!!


      1. And usually, what size pants do you wear? I thought I was a medium, I thought wrong. I’m somewhere between a 2-4ish, I’d guess. A 4 at the Loft probably?


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