DIY Spring Decor

DIY Spring Decor ||

I am so anxious for winter to be over that I’ve basically decided to skip right over Valentine’s day and Easter and started to style my house for spring. Because it’s too early for fresh flowers around the house, unless you want to buy them, I do have a super easy way to add some spring-y touches. You’ll love this because not only are they easy to make, you probably already have the materials! 

Andrea and I

This clever DIY craft is actually brought to you by my best friend Andrea. I may be the one with a blog but I am so often inspired by and in awe of the creativity of my friends. A few months ago Andrea moved into her first home and when I first came to check out the progress she was making with some DIY projects I noticed these little accents she had on the shelving in her kitchen. She was going on and on about all these big huge projects she had going on and I was busy dissecting how to make these because they were so beautiful. She told me she made them herself and I so impressed, you will be too!

Andrea had a bouquet of silk flowers she used from her sisters recent wedding but any faux flowers will work for this. We all have fake flowers sitting around somewhere. This is a great way to tear them up and reuse them.


Lets get started!

DIY Spring Decor ||


– Assorted faux flowers – Andrea used silk flowers purchased from a floral warehouse, but any fake flowers can be used
– Small glass jars- these specific jars were from Homegoods, use what you have or whatever you can find


1.Choose your flowers: we recommend an assortment of different flowers, like Andrea did. Mixing them up a little will give the jars some contrast.

2. Pop the flower buds from the stems, most will come off easily.If they don’t just snip them off with wire cutters.


3. Play around with arranging these into the jars, mix and match colors and flowers.


Andrea set the jars on top of the lids, which I thought was another cute look. Aren’t they great?


If you can’t find these exact jars I’d suggest mason or jelly jars as an alternative. Look at target or TJ Maxx/Homegoods for unique decorative glass jars.

This is such a quick, easy, and inexpensive spring project that will brighten up your home from the winter blues, so go grab some supplies and have fun arranging!

Thanks to Andrea for preparing, doesn’t she have a knack making things beautiful and lovely?

DIY Spring Decor ||

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