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Stitch Fix Review #9: February 2016

February 2016 Stitch Fix Review ||

This was probably the most conflicting Stitch Fix for me! As I sit here writing this I’m still undecided about the entire thing. I’m hoping that as I write out my thoughts on the pieces I’ll come to a decision. I did receive a pair of white skinny jeans that I’ve been asking for, and some other great things I’m really excited to show you. First, scroll down and check out the note from my stylist Rachel and you’ll see why I love her.

Stitch Fix Review: February 2016 ||

What is it:

Stitch Fix is a monthly (or semi-regularly, it’s up to you) personal stylist service. The most popular option is a monthly home delivery of 5 items, clothing and accessories, to your door, picked by your stylist. The monthly stylist fee is $20 (yep, that’s it!) and if you choose to keep any of the items, that $20 goes toward your purchase. Once your Fix arrives, you get 3 business days to decide which items to keep, and which, if any, you want to send back. If you need to send items back, they provide you with a prepaid package that can be placed in your mailbox so you literally have to do nothing. To purchase the clothing/accessories you want to keep, you log into your online account, and select the ones you’re keeping and checkout. That’s it!

If you are someone who hates shopping, but doesn’t mind someone shopping for you, this is perfect. If you are someone who needs to be shopped for – then you need this service. If you’re intrigued and you want to step out of your comfort zone and let someone else give you suggestions based on information you’ve given them about what you like, this is what this service is all about!

How to sign up:

Your Stitch Fix stylists will need to get to know you, so you begin by creating an account and taking a personal style quiz and filling out your style profile. This is kind of fun and gives you quite a bit of say in what shows up at your door each month. **You will select your desired price ranges during this part as well. All of your answers and preferences can be changed at any time.

You should also start a Pinterest Stitch Fix board for your stylists to see what your personal style is all about. Be specific and detailed with what you post on there, that will help guide them. There’s a spot in your style profile to paste the link to your Pinterest board.

You can leave the stylists additional messages if you are looking for something specific to arrive in your box – for example, if you have a wedding to go to, or will be going on vacation, job interviews, etc. Your stylists will send you options for these events. You can request to NOT receive specific items in your boxes (I just requested to no longer receive jewelry). I asked not to receive pleather or real fur…

You’ll select when you’d like your box delivered each month (or how often), and it’ll arrive on your doorstep 🙂 You’ll get an email a week or two before, asking if you have any last minute requests for your stylist, and another email when your box has shipped. Once it arrives, you’ll have 3 business days to decide on which items you’ll keep or send back.

Are you sold yet? Let me refer you!

Go here to sign up: Stitch Fix!

For those of you who have used my referral link, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Don’t forget to encourage your friends to use yours now that you’ve signed up!

February 2016


DL1961 Moscow Skinny Jean: Undecided

February 2016 Stitch Fix Review: DL1961 Moscow Skinny Jean ||February 2016 Stitch Fix Review: DL1961 Moscow Skinny Jean ||February 2016 Stitch Fix Review: DL1961 Moscow Skinny Jean ||

I was the MOST excited for these jeans! Right out of the box I could tell they were quality, structured, and well-made. I had essentially asked that they not be see-through or thin so Rachel followed through on being picky with what she sent. The downside – they are super pricey. They are also a little bit big. They bunch at the knees and are a little long. From looking at the materials I am pretty sure they’d shrink up perfectly. But price. Sigh. These two springy looks are killing me, how perfect, right?

Papermoon Calhun Wide Lace Trim Knit Top: Returned

February 2016 Stitch Fix Review: Papermoon Calhun Wide Lace Trim Knit Top ||February 2016 Stitch Fix Review: Papermoon Calhun Wide Lace Trim Knit Top ||February 2016 Stitch Fix Review: Papermoon Calhun Wide Lace Trim Knit Top ||DSC_1912

This top is gorgeous! I did wish it was a tiny bit longer. The arms are sheer, as you can see but the top is otherwise double-layered and doesn’t require an additional shirt underneath. I love the lace, so pretty. The only reason I didn’t keep this one is because I bought a semi-similar top for work from a previous fix and I want to focus on wearing that one more. I’d consider keeping this one if I choose not to keep the skinny jeans though…..

Honey Punch Leandro Plaid Print Split Neck Top: Undecided

February 2016 Stitch Fix Review: Honey Punch Leandro Plaid Print Split Neck Top ||February 2016 Stitch Fix Review: Honey Punch Leandro Plaid Print Split Neck Top ||

This little plaid top is going to be great for transitioning into spring. It’s very light and I liked the colors. As Rachel suggested it would go nicely with the white skinny jeans as well though I’ll probably only keep it if I sent those back, because of budget. I paired it with my A GOLD E jeans from a prior fix.

RD Style Hollen Raglan Pullover Sweater: Returned

February 2016 Stitch Fix Review: RD Style Hollen Raglan Pullover Sweater ||

I only took one photo of this top, I’m sorry. Truthfully, this whole review “shoot” was a bit of a disaster. I was sick and had zero energy and this was my biggest “f*#@ it” moment….. In case it wasn’t evident, it was a rainy day making it pretty hard to get great images for you too. Probably the worst thing about Stitch Fix is the 3 day window that you have to complete your order and send unwanted items back, it’s hard to make decisions in that time. I’m totally feeling it this round as I struggle with making up my mind. It’s also hard if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Obviously asking for an extension due to blogging, schedule, and weather constraints would be laughable and obnoxious but, at least you know why the photos suck, if they do. Anyway, I digress….

I think the sweater was a little too small for me. I couldn’t tell if it was black or blue (I think because I was sick and not seeing very well). I would have sworn black but the invoice says blue. And it does look blue in this photo. It’s cute. There was a white stripe down the center of the back I wish I had taken a photo of for you. At first I didn’t think I wanted this (because I thought it was black) but as I sit here now and type I’m realizing it is a super cute transition to spring sweater because it’s super nautical. I do have something like it so I’ll probably still send it back.

41Hawthorn Renesme Graphic Print Faux Wrap Dress

February 2016 Stitch Fix Review: 41 Hawthorn Renesme Graphic Print Faux Wrap Dress ||February 2016 Stitch Fix Review: 41 Hawthorn Renesme Graphic Print Faux Wrap Dress ||February 2016 Stitch Fix Review: 41 Hawthorn Renesme Graphic Print Faux Wrap Dress ||

This was the only item I really did not like at all. I photographed it because I know many of you will like it and want to know what it’s like on. It fit well, it just wasn’t my style, I really didn’t like the print. The dress is form fitting around the top and midsection and looser at the bottom, as you can see. It’s made of rayon and polyester so it’s clingy.

February 2016 Stitch Fix Review ||

I will update and let you know what I decide so stay tuned! What did you think about this fix?


Stitch Fix Review: February 2016 ||

Stitch Fix and Sign Up!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to those who have used my referral already!!

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18 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review #9: February 2016

    1. There are quite a few options, I tell mine to stay between 50-100 for most things but there is an option for “the cheaper the better”. My stylist will send me pricier pieces if she finds something she knows I really want or can’t find something I’ve asked for at a lower price and then it’s up to me to decide, such as with the designer jeans. If I had a problem with it all I would need to do is tell her a max price and she’d respect it. Hope that helps!


    2. I really like the olive skinny and pink skinny jeans you have worn in some of your post pictures for stitch fix. What brand are they? Did you get them recently? They look flattering and comfortable. So hard to find a good pair of jeans these days! Love your posts!


      1. Natasha! Thank you, they are not recent purchases however, they are classics so you can still grab them! The olive pants are from Old Navy, here’s my link:

        The pink skinny jeggings are from American Eagle and here’s my link for those:


  1. what’s the fit of the honey punch top like? stretch to it? I’m considering buying it from someone in a FB group, but sometimes tops like this fit fine in the bust (i’m kinda broad), but then because of that, are too big and flowy at the bottom…if that makes sense? love your pairing!!!!


    1. Dana, it doesn’t have much stretch or give but it’s not too boxy in the chest and has the v-neck for some extra give. The top in general is loose fitting and flowy but it’s not very long. Hope this helps a little :/


  2. I love the jean (chambray) shirt you paired with the white skinny jeans…would you mind telling me what brand it is? THANKS!


  3. I just wanted to let you know I do stitch fix as well and I don’t usually check out within 3 days. They just send me a reminder email to check out about a week later. I’ve also sent stuff back about a week after receiving it with no issues.


  4. Hi, I just wanted to share with you, I go to Hautelook and Nordstrom Rack to get my DL1961 jeans. I have never paid more than $70. They are great and really flattering. Also try Poshmark and Tradesy for gently used and cheap. Heck some are new with price tags and sold under $40. So if you know your size and fit – head there.


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