Fab Finds January: Volume I


New year, new blog series. Get excited! I wanted to come up with something semi-regular that wouldn’t be too hard for me to put together with all the other stuff we have going on here, but also something you guys would like and find useful.

Here’s what I came up with: Monthly Fab Finds. At the end of each month I’ll round up and review my fashion, beauty, home, and interest purchases for you to check out. I’ll link up everything I can for you too. That way, if you see something you like, chances are there will still be some availability.

I’ll of course always tell you what I honestly think of my purchases and whether something was a super success or a big mistake. This round-up will help keep me aware of what I’m buying too, there’s no better way to keep yourself on track then laying it all out in front of you. Even if you aren’t blogging, get yourself a notebook and keep track of what your buying, I’ve already noticed a big difference in the way I think about my spending.

Let’s get started!

J. Crew Factory Vail Parka

J. Crew Factory Vail ParkaExact, similar, similar

You may recognize this parka, I’ve been talking about it for months. I also own it in “dusty ginger” (OMG worst color name ever…). I even featured it in a “Favorites Friday” post a little while back. I love everything about it, and I had been pining after this grey color basically since I bought the pink one. This month it was on clearance plus an additional 50% off so I bought it at nearly $200 OFF the tag price. Score.

Daniel Rainn Thornwood V-Neck Blouse and A GOLD E Sophie High Rise Jeans

January 2016 Stitch Fix Review: Daniel Rainn Thornwood V-Neck Blouse |www.pearlsandsportsbras.com|Similar, Similar, Similar
Jeans: exact

These were my only purchases from my Stitch Fixes this month. I received 2 boxes this month: I scored the jeans in the first and the top in the second. I adore them and wore them both right out of the box and I think I’ll be wearing it a ton through spring. The top can only be obtained through SF but the jeans can be purchased here if you want them!

Mossimo Lace Pullover Sweater from Target

Mossimo Lace Pullover Sweater

exact, similar, similar, similar

This is such a pretty sweater. It seems casual but I’ve been wearing it to work. I love the neckline and dress it up with earrings.

Lightweight Sweater from Old Navy

Lightweight Sweater from Old Navyexact, similar, similar, similar

This sweater is very thin. I had to buy it a size too big but it looks ok. I love the layered look. It’s another top that’s great for both work and weekend. If this exact sweater is sold out I linked some great similar styles for you!

Go-Dry Cool Graphic Tank from Old Navy

Go-Dry Cool Graphic Tank from Old Navyexact, similar, similar

I love Old Navy’s workout tanks. They are so lightweight and comfy. This one was only $7 and I thought it was super cute. Love it.

Bath and Body Works 3-Wick Candles: Blueberries & Cream and Pure White Cotton


I discovered BBW 3-Wick candles in the fall and have become completely obsessed. As in, it’s a problem. I can’t stop buying them. Obviously, the second their spring line came out I went in and did some sniffing. These 2 are my favorites right now. The blueberries and cream is perfectly fruity. It’s light and sweet. Pure white cotton is a staple scent and just reminds me of spring, and clean stuff.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn


This is a creepy book and it’s really good! I’m pretty sure this book was actually written before Gone Girl (which was further released as a movie). I read that book too ( as well as Dark Places, which is the creepiest of them all). I liked this one better than Gone Girl, the plot may not be as obscure but it’s definitely a page-turner.

That’s it for this month! January was a lighter shopping month, just coming off of Christmas I didn’t really need or want much. I have my eyes on some great things for next month so I’ll see you back here then!

Thanks for stopping by!