My Favorite Clothing Purchases of 2015


This weekend I spent some time cleaning out my closet preparing to ship some of my unworn and barely worn clothes off to ThredUP (I’ll have a full review up for you about this service once the process is complete) and I started reflecting on some of my clothing purchases this year.

This was admittedly the first year I’ve finally felt like I had a substantial baseline closet full of staples and could buy pieces that complemented what I already owned. Prior to this year, I had just lost a significant amount of weight and basically had to buy an entirely new wardrobe. Up until now, I hadn’t had much left in the budget for playing around with trends and new styles. Adjusting to this was a little different for me. Before, I’d just run to Target or Old Navy and stock up on on basics. Now, I had to really think about what I wanted, needed, and instead of bulk shopping sprees I bought a piece here and there. And, another new thing for me, much of it was purchased online (and through Stitch Fix too).

I came up with this list of my favorite purchases of this year and a list of my most regrettable purchases, which I’ll post later this week. I’ll share why these are my favorites (and most regretted) and maybe they’ll help you, and me, in the future.

I’m going into this new year with a clothing budget, which is something new and based off of my own personal income, needs, and predicted spending. I’m in need of a way to keep myself accountable and will also be allocating some of my current spending into other savings so I think reflecting on good (and bad) choices is always a good idea. Let’s get started!

Just Black Dean Skinny Jean:

Favorite Purchases: Just Black Dean Skinny Jean from Stitch Fix ||

I remember being unsure about purchasing these from Stitch Fix, who knows why. They were $78 and have been worth every penny. They aren’t denim and are work appropriate but so comfortable. They are the most flattering pair of black skinny jeans/pants I’ve ever worn – and I wear them once a week! Everyone needs a pair of versatile black skinny jeans/pants like this. When they start to show some wear and tear I’ll panic, but for now they are all I need!

Mossimo Turtleneck Sweater from Target


This hi-low turtleneck sweater in blush was from target. I can’t remember the exact price but like all clothing from target, it was reasonable. Unlike all my purchases from target, this one was well worth it. I wear this one all the time because it might as well be made of cashmere. I wear it at work and casually on weekends. Softest ever.

J. Crew Factory Herringbone Pattern Vest

J. Crew Factory Herringbone Vest ||

I managed to get this one on black Friday sale for $49 and free shipping. I had been holding out for an incredible sale, so I give myself props for that. There’s only one word for this vest and it’s versatile. This year was the year of vests for me, I bought cream, fur, and shearling vests as well. I really wanted a navy vest and also a buffalo plaid vest but I managed to restrain myself. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have gotten as much wear out of this one 🙂

Faux Suede Boots from Target

Faux Suede Boots ||

I thought this was going to be one of those Target purchases that I regretted. It turns out this shade of muave-y suede goes with so many neutrals I own. Even on days I don’t plan on wearing these boots I will peek into my closet and think “these look perfect” and end up swapping my cognac boots for them. They were reasonably priced and have held up well for as much as I’ve been wearing them!

Free People Destroyed Skinny Jeans from Bloomingdales

Free People Destroyed Skinny Jean ||

This was another Black Friday online purchase. They were on sale for $58 and free shipping. I had my eye on these for months and finally committed. I’m glad I did, I didn’t have anything else like them. This is about as “edgy” as I get, style-wise these days. These jeans, which fit amazing, and the just black skinny jeans above complete my black skinny jean collection – two is enough. 

Blush Sateen Jeggings American Eagle

AEO Sateen Jegging ||

If I had to describe my style in 2 words, I’d choose: casual & romantic. These jeggings are that in blush form. They are so soft. I wear them to work at least once a week. I did buy them a size too big because my local store was out of my size and I was impatient. I have resisted the urge to re-buy them in my size, (because they are still being sold months later -AEO agrees they are great too!) and I’ve just been dealing. Here’s another good lesson learned, right? Be patient and wait for the right size and style.

Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater from Forever 21


In my relatively short life I’ve realized trends come and go. Turtlenecks are working their way back and I’m pretty happy. When in doubt, always choose the ivory option. Also, if given the option of fitted or over-sized, well my pick will be over-sized. Even if this sweater turned out to be crap, I couldn’t be mad, it was so reasonably priced. Thankfully, it’s become this winter’s staple sweater- suitable for both work and weekend!

Green and Blue Plaid from Abercrombie and Fitch


Any item that can span seasons is a success in my book. This is my favorite plaid, and I own a bunch of them! It’s light-weight so I’ve literally worn it with the sleeves rolled in the summer, and layered in the fall and winter. I’m looking forward to styling it this spring!

Destroyed Denim Skinny Capris from Target


This brand, mossimo, has turned out to be a favorite of mine. The jean sizing can be sketchy but once I find a good fit I’m usually pleased. These are my favorite pair from Target. They have just enough “destroyed” appearance. They are meant to be cropped but I’ve worn them all winter long too with boots.

Faux Fur Vest from Chicwish


This barely makes the list because I just bought it at the end of December but I chose to add it because I think it’s representative of a great purchase. I have wanted a fur vest for months but instead of just buying one I waited to see if I’d get one for Christmas or in my Stitch Fix. When I didn’t I found that I still really wanted one so I started looking more seriously but most faux fur vests are $100+ and I didn’t want to spend that because I view this as a trend piece. This vest was $42 and had many great reviews and I saw tons of real-life photos of it before I bought it online so I knew exactly what I was getting. It’s also really warm and covers all my trouble areas so I actually WANT to wear it. 

When I look back over this list of my favorites I notice one big theme, versatility. The pieces I get the most wear out of are those that can be styled many different ways and can span seasons. For me, simple comfy but pretty pieces often tend to be successful buys. I’m also more likely to wear and appreciate something if I’ve proven to myself I really am interested in the piece by waiting it out, sometimes for months, for a good sale. If it’s on sale and I still hesitate to commit, then I probably don’t need it. Another lesson in patience that I learned with the blush sateen jeggings, I won’t be sacrificing fit for convenience anymore.


Hang around for my upcoming clothing regrets post and we’ll talk all about my lessons learned this year! Thanks for stopping by!