Favorites Friday: Faux Fur Vest

The BEST faux fur vest and it's under $50! |www.pearlsandsportsbras.com|

I found the BEST faux fur vest! You may recognize this vest from my Christmas Gift Picks for Her. Funny thing is, after I made that post, Christmas happened, and I completely forgot about this beauty. I didn’t get a faux fur vest for Christmas, no biggie, so I requested one in my Stitch Fix and didn’t get one from them either, so I started the perilous (hehe) task of finding the perfect vest.

I had some specific requirements, like it needed to be mid-length, long enough to cover my bottom- I didn’t want a crop top vest. I wanted a light brown one, and wasn’t really into the multi-colored options. And I wanted the back to have faux fur as well, because many options come with a sweater back. The last requirement, of course, was that the price was reasonable. I probably passed over 100 very expensive faux fur vests and had decided I was probably just going to wait until next year and look again when I remembered this beauty.  I mean, duh. It was on my own Christmas list.

I went back to chicwish and saw that not only was it still in stock, but it was on sale for less than $43 (and still is)! Amazing! They provide instagrammed photos so you can see what it looks like in real life too and that’s all I really needed, I bought it up and my life is now complete. They have other faux fur options too.

Gorgeous Faux Fur Vest |www.pearlsandsportsbras.com|Gorgeous Faux Fur Vest |www.pearlsandsportsbras.com|Gorgeous Faux Fur Vest |www.pearlsandsportsbras.com|DSC_1127


Gorgeous Faux Fur Vest |www.pearlsandsportsbras.com|Gorgeous Faux Fur Vest |www.pearlsandsportsbras.com|

What do you think? I’d love to see your favorite faux fur vest styles!

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