Happy 1st Birthday, Blog! Aylah’s Year in Photos


Yep,  she gets her own anniversary post.

That’s because of her diligence and commitment to this blog. Hehe, ok I’m laughing trying to type this out. But honestly, she manages to make an appearance and squeeze her little self into so many posts I consider her the site mascot. And for the posts she’s not in, she’s right there with me, hanging out, or napping, or stepping all over the computer, or ruining photo shoots, or waiting for me to drop food.

She’s also the inspiration behind a few posts, which you can check out below:

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3. DIY Dog Collar Decal

4. The Baby Turned One!

So, to make you smile, enjoy a few photos of the site’s most beloved little lady 🙂

She’s the best napper around:


And when she’s not napping, she’s good at just lounging around:


And she’ll always pose, for a treat:


There was that time she ate my homework:


And that time she was sick and just wasn’t having it:


Regardless of the situation, she’s always cute:


Thank you for reading and supporting this blog, we appreciate you!!