Happy 1st Birthday, Blog! A Year of What I Wore

Four Seasons of Fashion! 2015

When I first started this blog I chose to do just one weekly post series that I titled “What I’m Wearing Wednesday”. The purpose of the series was multifaceted, I thought there was probably an audience of average-sized women like myself who wanted to see how casual can be done both for professional purposes and basic weekend style on a relatively low-budget (hello Target and Old Navy!). The post series also held me accountable – it required me to actually wear my clothes and to not just live in scrubs and sweats (I do have that option….). It also keeps my closet under control, as I now have an itemized photographic listing of what’s in my closet, which keeps me from spending money on items I don’t need. Hosting a repeating blog series also keeps my blogging status active. Even on the busiest, least inspired weeks, I can whip out a WIWW post and my site isn’t neglected. It requires me to seek inspiration from others, via Pinterest and other blogs (I’m 100% a fashion follower, no trendsetting here) and through that I’ve discovered some of my favorite blogs! My blogging/photographing approach has changed over time, which I think is only natural since I started this WIWW post series when I started this blog (I promise I’ll get a real camera very soon, it’s coming….).

For my blog’s 1 year birthday I went back through the first year of WIWW posts and picked my favorite outfits from all four seasons and complied them here for you. Enjoy!

Four Seasons of Style 2015


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I’m excited to see what the next year brings in style! Thanks for hanging out with me 🙂