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Holiday Decor

Hey there friends! I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was filled with joy, family, and a bit of relaxation. And if nothing else, some good ole forced merriment…

Truthfully, I started decorating for the upcoming Holidays mid-November. My method this year has been to tackle it bit-by-bit rather than all at once in the hope that I’d hate it less, and I think it’s worked! I’ve had more fun playing around with things and I’ve spent far less money on decorations and lights, etc that I didn’t need after having some time to mull over what I wanted to do with what I have.

I did create a DIY holiday decor post for you guys that you can check out here, which details how I made cute little winter snow globes from old mason jars! So easy and they are great as gifts too!

Here’s a peek at the holiday happiness going on over here, how are you guys decorating this year?


Thanks for stopping by and Happy Decorating!


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