DIY Mason Jar Holiday Decor

DIY Mason Jar Holiday Decor | |

If you are looking for a simple (and I really do mean simple) do-it-yourself holiday project, this is the one! These pretty little shaker jars took me less than five minutes to make.  Yep, all of them, done in 5 minutes.

I’ve seen these before, at Anthropologie, Homegoods, and other places for some crazy marked-up price and each time it reminded me that I still have a bunch of mason jars sitting around in my basement from my wedding two and a half years ago….

They are adorable for decorating and gifting and I plan to do both this year, but the ones I made for this tutorial are staying at home with me. They are the perfect combination of rustic, vintage, simple, and fun. The best part is that kids can actually pick these up and shake them, they are meant to be played with, unlike most holiday decor.

Right now Michael’s has 50% all the rest of the supplies which made this project SUPER inexpensive. The options for what goes inside are limitless, it just has to be anything seasonal and small. I saw little sleighs and lamposts that I thought were great for this too. Take a look below to see how I did it with tiny trees:

DIY Mason Jar Holiday Decor

DIY Mason Jar Holiday Decor | |


– Jars with lids (mine are varying shapes and sizes)
– Small trees (mine are varying sizes from Michael’s)
– Buffalo snow
– White glitter (optional)
– Hot glue gun



1. Hot glue the tree posts onto the under-surface of the lids


2. Add a small amount of buffalo snow to the mason jar – only enough to cover the tree posts. Add the glitter too if you want.


3. Screw on the lids and shake!


What do you guys think? So cute and simple right? I made a few more and displayed them in the living room. I plan to make others for little gifts as well!


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