Favorites Friday


This parka.

A few weeks ago, when traveling for work, I stopped in at my favorite J. Crew Factory store and spotted this beauty.


I wanted it immediately but because purchasing a winter parka is kind of a big deal (at least for me) I knew I needed to think about it first. 

Ultimately, I couldn’t pass this coat up and ordered it online a few days later. I got it at 40% off and with free shipping. But you guys are in luck because right now it’s 50% off! It comes in gorgeous grey, navy, and tan as well!

Factory Vail Parka:

It’s comfortable, classic, professional, and pretty. It has a faux fur hood and silky lining. While fitted around the arms and chest, it widens a bit around the waist and hips so it works well with heavier sweaters.



What do you guys think? Go check out the other color options!

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