Favorites Friday


I went to my favorite Fashion Jewelry store this week: Charming Charlie’s! I love this place because they offer on-trend jewelry at a LOW PRICE! They are like the adult’s version of Claire’s. I’ve done quite a few “Favorites Friday” posts about the pieces I’ve scored at Charming Charlies and there are a few reasons I’m such a fanatic about it. The jewelry is simply trendy fashion jewelry made of variable quality with a price that is consistent with pieces that will probably only be worn for a season or two.

I know that sounds kind of negative. The reality is, most of the fun jewelry I buy for work, casual, and play will only be in style for a little while so I am not comfortable paying for higher quality pieces at a higher price point. That doesn’t necessarily apply to classic pieces, which I will splurge on. When in the store, I’m pretty selective with the pieces that I purchase, and so far I’ve had success with the jewelry lasting. I store the jewelry well and don’t over-wear it so I think that helps too.  

Shine Bright White Pendant Necklace: Ivory


Reminds me of the Kendra Scott necklaces that are so popular right now, and also cost $80-$100. I won’t pay that much for a necklace that will only be in style for another year, but I will pay $15 for this one. I wear it all the time and love it. It’s holding up well.

Violet Square Tassel Necklace


Tassel necklace with a touch of color for neutral sweater days. I like to wear it dangling under a scarf as well. 

Milana Dangle Earrings


I rarely see turquoise done in a way I like, but I love these earrings. The earrings aren’t real turquoise so they are actually very light. I wore them with a gorgeous blush-colored turtleneck, the color combination was very pretty.

Geo Cuff Bracelet


What is there to say, love this cuff. It fits small wrists because they have a hinge for putting it on and removing it.

What do you guys think?

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