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DIY Slow Cooker Dog Food: With Pork!

DIY Slow Cooker Dog Food: with Pork! ||

At this point my pooch’s diet is entirely made up of homemade food and she couldn’t be happier! If you want to read about why I started making my dog’s food for her, you can read about that here and check out the first recipe I used in the slow cooker.

As a personal choice, I keep her diet grain free, so that’s why you won’t find any filler grains in these recipes but you could always add some if you were looking to incorporate them into your dogs diet and increase the quantity of food this recipe makes.

To round out her diet and keep it well-balanced and comprehensive of all vitamins and minerals necessary I do add either a scoop of yogurt, cottage cheese, or multivitamin to her food.

Slow cooking food for my 20lb dog typically costs me $10-15 per month, depending on the sales I find at the grocery store and which ingredients I decide to add to the pot. In my last recipe I chose chicken, yams, apples, kidney beans, and a range of vegetables. This round I chose pork loin, stuck with the yams and apples (she loves these 😉 ) and added fresh spinach at the very end because it’s packed with nutrients!

Please consult your veterinarian to discuss what specific dietary and nutritional needs your dog has before changing his diet.

Slow Cooker Dog Food with Pork:

DIY Slow Cooker Dog Food: with Pork! ||

– 3 lbs pork tenderloin
– 1-2 yams, peeled and cubed
– 1 bag of frozen sliced carrots
– 1 bag of frozen peas
– 2 apples, peeled and cored, remove all seeds
– 1 can of kidney beans, rinsed
– 2-3 c. broccoli spears, fresh or frozen
– 2 c. chopped spinach



1. Place meat in the crock pot. Add enough water to just cover the pork.


2. Add yams, apples, carrots, broccoli, and beans


3. Cook on low for 7-8 hours or high for 5-6 hours. When there is about 2 hours left, of cook time add the peas.

IMG_7203 IMG_7207

4. Add the chopped spinach at the very end. Mix well. Pork should shred easily, carrots, yams, apples, beans, and peas should all mash well.

IMG_7209 IMG_7214

5. Scoop servings into individual bags. I place 1 weeks worth in the fridge and the rest in the freezer.

Not only is it all-natural, healthy, and fresh, she LOVES it! She races to the bowl when I set it down and licks it CLEAN! She hasn’t had any digestive issues since I’ve started her on a homemade diet and despite being almost 2 years old she’s as energetic and happy as a puppy!

aylah2 aylah1

IMG_7192 DIY Slow Cooker Dog Food: with Pork! ||

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59 thoughts on “DIY Slow Cooker Dog Food: With Pork!

  1. Sounds good. How do supplement the crunchy part of the food that helps keep the dogs teeth clean? Just asking because I’ve heard from my vet that soft home made food is healthy, but not as healthy for the teeth.


    1. Use greenies…they are the best for cleaning the teeth, anytime. Also, if you have a Costco membership, they have a brand, that is the same thing as greenies…but 2/3 less cost!

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    1. I have been making by dog’s food for about a year. I feed him 2 cups in the morning and 2 cups at night. He weighs 80-90 lbs depending on the time of year. I mix 3 lbs of chicken 4 sweet potatoes 2 packages of frozen green beans and 7 cups of rice. This lasts me about a week.


      1. Hey Abby,
        What would you estimate your monthly cost is for your pup? I’ve debated for so long switching mine over to homemade, but at 80# as well i always wondered the cost difference.


    1. I’ve tried it with ground beef once, it came out ok, a bit dry. My pup liked it the first 2 weeks, but once we were getting into week three (I freeze after the 1st week) she wasn’t so eager to keep eating. Maybe I read too much into her behavior but if I tried again I might try adding the meat 2-3 hours in, so it’s not so overcooked. Turkey is very lean so I’d recommend adding some olive oil to the batch.


  2. I have just started cooking for my dog, and she loves it …I have been looking for something new for her and this sounds like she will love it she is a small dog (10-15lbs.) and she is cleaning her plate.


  3. What a sweet baby you have, and you take such good care of her! I love this. I will be making it for my Sophie, Parsons Russell Terrier. She doesn’t like that wet pouch stuff, but I’m sure she will like this!


  4. Do you know what a serving size is? I have three dogs, all Italian Greyhounds, 8.5, 15, and 17 lbs respectively. I really want to try this but have no clue what a serving size would be.


    1. Unless you dogs are gluttons you can simply put 1/2 to 1 cup down and they will eat what they want and leave the rest, at least that’s what my pug does. My pug is a perfect 14 lbs and she eats once at night about 1/2 to 1 cup and sometimes asks for a feeding at lunch as well. I let her tell me when she is hungry. I have been home cooking her food for six years. I add ground egg shells to her food for calcium and Dr. Picairns healthy powder (which I make using his recipe I got online) instead of a multivitamin. Most dogs fed a home cooked diet eat much less than dogs who are fed commercial diets because it is more nutritious. I did hundreds of hours of research on this subject and know from experience the significant health benefits of home cooking dog food. I wouldn’t sweat portion control just use your instincts and adjust as needed.


    2. Do you feed extra because of their high energy? We fostered one and she was always moving. The best was friends let us go to the place they could run a free. They have regular greyhounds and it was great to watch them going full throttle!


  5. Just a warning….our dogs can not eat pork of kind. Any time we have tried feeding them cooked pork, they become very lethargic & do not feel well for a few days.


  6. Just make sure the pork is pork loin or best, pork tenderloin. Ham, bacon, other forms of pork are too fatty and very bad for dogs. Also, a good idea to include variety, not exclusively pork. These are the best tips I’ve read regarding pork for dogs! My dogs also love the slower cooker recipes, thanks! Chicken thighs, lean ground beef, or pork loin — I use oatmeal rather than rice with the pork loin, too, and they like that, too


  7. I have been doing similar recipe’s for my dog as well. He had such stomache issues with store bought. Once a month i cook his food does not take much time at all. I also wash and dry egg shells grind them up in an old coffee grinder to add calcium. A spoonful of unsweetened apple sauce before serving. Mix up the combination a little different each time.


  8. My Chihuahua Sophie and Dachshund Sadie had some stomach issues years ago. I use can dog food add one can pea and one can carrots and cup and half of oatmeal. They eat 1/2 cup everyday. They only “snack” on the dry food during the day. A full bowl of dry lasts almost a week and the vet says their teeth are great. Since the change they have never had another stomach issue. Now that you have shared your recipe I’m going to try it out very soon. Thank you!

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  9. Thank you for watermarking your image. I was able to find this recipe and your awesome blog because of it. I know it takes sometime time to do it. So I just wanted to say it was worth it in my case. Found the image on Pinterst and wanted to learn more but it lead to a pet supply sight. I made a new pin with the correct url. ….Anyways…thanks for the great dog food tip.


  10. Hi! Im going to start making home-made food for my dogs,specially cause one of them has food allergies and the vet recomended me home made meals with pork…..Just one question,did your dog had any diarrhea when you changed from dry food to homemade?


  11. I love all the comments and suggestions on here. My 6 mo old heeler was having tummy issues and diarrhea from store bought. I switched to making her food, she loves it! I also add coconut oil to her food, she won’t eat without it.
    She evidently loves the taste of it too🐶
    I use kale, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, zucchini, celery and chicken, I also put an egg in it every couple of days.
    Her tummy issues are gone, and she is a happy girl!


      1. Do you only feed your dog the wet food now? Have you completely stopped dry food altogether? My dog is very sensitive and she has bad allergies. I’ve recently started making homemade dog food for her. I mix the wet with her dry. Just wondering if there is a need for the dry anymore or should I only be giving her the wet food.


  12. I stumbled upon a similar recipe by watching my dogs preferences too. I have 2 Great Pyrenees. Luckily for me I also raise chickens and can use my own meat. They also adore eggs – scrambled with cheese, boiled in the shell, and even raw. I make them breakfast a few times a week and add flax seed and kale to their scrambled eggs. My boy would eat it by the ton!


  13. Our Wheaten Terrier Teddy, is allergic to AIR! I searched homemade dog food recipes for him and found you. I like yours the best. We made his first batch last night, and he had 1/2 kibble half the batch. So far it’s a hit…now to see if it helps him…fingers crossed


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