DIY Slow Cooker Dog Food: With Pork!

DIY Slow Cooker Dog Food: with Pork! ||

At this point my pooch’s diet is entirely made up of homemade food and she couldn’t be happier! If you want to read about why I started making my dog’s food for her, you can read about that here and check out the first recipe I used in the slow cooker.

As a personal choice, I keep her diet grain free, so that’s why you won’t find any filler grains in these recipes but you could always add some if you were looking to incorporate them into your dogs diet and increase the quantity of food this recipe makes.

To round out her diet and keep it well-balanced and comprehensive of all vitamins and minerals necessary I do add either a scoop of yogurt, cottage cheese, or multivitamin to her food.

Slow cooking food for my 20lb dog typically costs me $10-15 per month, depending on the sales I find at the grocery store and which ingredients I decide to add to the pot. In my last recipe I chose chicken, yams, apples, kidney beans, and a range of vegetables. This round I chose pork loin, stuck with the yams and apples (she loves these 😉 ) and added fresh spinach at the very end because it’s packed with nutrients!

Please consult your veterinarian to discuss what specific dietary and nutritional needs your dog has before changing his diet.

Slow Cooker Dog Food with Pork:

DIY Slow Cooker Dog Food: with Pork! ||

– 3 lbs pork tenderloin
– 1-2 yams, peeled and cubed
– 1 bag of frozen sliced carrots
– 1 bag of frozen peas
– 2 apples, peeled and cored, remove all seeds
– 1 can of kidney beans, rinsed
– 2-3 c. broccoli spears, fresh or frozen
– 2 c. chopped spinach



1. Place meat in the crock pot. Add enough water to just cover the pork.


2. Add yams, apples, carrots, broccoli, and beans


3. Cook on low for 7-8 hours or high for 5-6 hours. When there is about 2 hours left, of cook time add the peas.

IMG_7203 IMG_7207

4. Add the chopped spinach at the very end. Mix well. Pork should shred easily, carrots, yams, apples, beans, and peas should all mash well.

IMG_7209 IMG_7214

5. Scoop servings into individual bags. I place 1 weeks worth in the fridge and the rest in the freezer.

Not only is it all-natural, healthy, and fresh, she LOVES it! She races to the bowl when I set it down and licks it CLEAN! She hasn’t had any digestive issues since I’ve started her on a homemade diet and despite being almost 2 years old she’s as energetic and happy as a puppy!

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IMG_7192 DIY Slow Cooker Dog Food: with Pork! ||

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