$5 DIY Pumpkin Vase

$5 Do-it-yourself Pumpkin Vase, check out the step by step directions at: www.pearlsandsportsbras.com

I know, you spent the entire summer listening to me rant and rave about my wildflower garden and you thought you were off the hook now that it’s fall. Except, my wildflower garden is still in full bloom, exhibit A (it’s the only exhibit, I promise):


Now, as soon as the first frost hits, I think all of these beauties will be gone so Ive been trying to think of ways to use them up. In case you couldn’t tell from this post, I’m into craft pumpkins this year, and decided to try making a festive Pumpkin centerpiece. The pumpkin was $5 at Wal-Mart. These are available in various sizes and designs from other retailers as well and at different price points.

DIY Pumpkin Vase



– Foam craft pumpkin
– knife
– cup


1. Cut into the pumpkin so that the glass will fit all the way inside, this will hold the water for the flowers. If using fake flowers, you won’t need the glass, you could just cut off the stem and place the stems in the styrofoam.



2. Round up and arrange your wildflowers

IMG_5779 IMG_5783 IMG_5788 IMG_5792 IMG_5814 IMG_5816 IMG_5822 IMG_5831

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