Easy DIY Painted Pumpkins

DIY Painted Halloween Pumpkins | check out the step-by-step at www.pearlsandsportsbras.com |

This fall the trend is painting pumpkins, rather than carving. I won’t lie, I’d much rather paint these things than make a huge mess cutting into them. I think this is probably a better alternative for the littler kids as well! There are so many different ways to use your own creativity with this project, but for simplicity, I’ll show you the easiest way I’ve found to paint pumpkins for decor.

For this demo I used craft pumpkins instead of real ones because I plan on keeping these decorations around to reuse year after year – real ones could be used though to make this project even less expensive. The pumpkins I used are from Michael’s (I got them for 50% off!). Feel free to use your own imagination and experiment, happy creating!

DIY Fall Decor Pumpkins



– Pumpkins: real or craft, mine were from Michael’s and were 50% off!
– Acrylic paint: any color and finish
– Foam brushes: I found a pack of assorted brushes at Michael’s for < $2

IMG_5381 IMG_5385


1. For the first pumpkin I chose to dab small circles with metallic gold paint. The circle foam brush is perfect for this. Just pour some paint onto a plate and go! The brush will leave little bubbles but this will dry over smooth.


2. For the second pumpkin, I chose black stripes, like beetlejuice. I could have taped off the stripes but this is a lazy persons project so I just used an angled foam brush and painted on stripes with black paint.


3. Let dry, apply a second coat of paint in needed. And display!

IMG_5440 IMG_5445 IMG_5446 IMG_5447

I’d love to see some of your creations or ideas!


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