Focus T25 GAMMA: A Review


Friends, it seems like it’s been such a long time since we’ve talked fitness. After finishing our 6 week beachbody hybrid workout schedule, summer quickly arrived and so did the outdoor projects. I had to minimize my indoor exercise because it seemed like this summer I had endless landscaping, gardening, and painting projects that were all pretty physically intense and my body was in need of some rest. In August I did settle down a bit and was looking to get back into something but nothing that was going to beat me up. T25 is short and sweet so I went for the GAMMA round of T25, which I’ll detail for you and comment on below.

Focus T25 GAMMA

This is a 4-disc set that is meant to be used in conjunction with Focus T25 alpha and beta cycles OR as a standalone program. The focus of the workouts is building lean muscle, specifically in the arms, shoulders, and back. As always, Shaun T incorporates cardio, lower body, and abs/core as well. Weights are required (you can use bands, but I wouldn’t recommend it for this program). There are 2 calendars included: Pure Gamma and Pure Strength Hybrid (photos below).


The Pyramid: Mix of cardio and strength endurance. Focuses on building reps.

Ript’d Up: Strength workout focused on biceps, triceps, back, chest, and upper body.

Speed 3.0: Cardio. Just like Speed 1.0 and 2.0.

Extreme Circuit: Cardio with weights. The entire workout is done with weights in your hands.


IMG_3826 IMG_3827 IMG_3821 IMG_3823

My Impression:

Overall, the program is great for toning the upper body, arms, and back. By week 3 of the Pure Gamma cycle I was pretty bored – as you can see it’s just those four videos in random order over four weeks. My harshest critique is about Speed 3.0, I really find this workout unpleasant. After the first round of exercises, which is a pretty boring round, almost every other exercise requires doing reps of various versions of burpees. Which is ok, I guess, and probably great cardio. If you are at this point and doing GAMMA, burpees should not be a problem for you, and they aren’t for me either, but that kind of high impact craziness was what I was trying to avoid with this program (that’s more reminiscent of insanitymax:30). On a personal note, I have frequent headaches and am constantly fighting with trapezius/sternocleido muscle pain/tension, often caused or exacerbated by exercise that makes doing 500 burpees a literal pain. Like I said, this issue is probably more related to my own personal problems than the general public but nonetheless, I found that the general consensus was that Speed 3.0 wasn’t fun. I recommend doing Speed 2.0 or even 1.0 instead.

As for choosing weights, a lot of that depends on what kind of results you want. For extreme circuit you should choose something lighter, because you’ll have them in your hands the entire time, I used 5lbs. For Pyramid and Ript’d Up, start with a weight that allows you to complete the reps in good form but is challenging. For men, “getting ripped” means increasing weights throughout the program. I started with 8lbs and never used more than 10lbs, on purpose, but everyone has their own preferences.

Right now I am halfway through the Pure Strength Hybrid and I like this combination of workouts much better, I wish I had just skipped over the Pure Gamma month initially. This round includes most of my favorite workouts from T25 alpha and beta (Ript’d, Upper Focus, Total Body Circuit, Dynamic Core). I replace the Speed 3.0 workout days with Speed 2.0 or 1.0 (both are great cardio and fun). And on days when I feel like my arms/shoulders/back is overworked, I breakout the Lower Focus or Ab Intervals workouts.


Results after Pure Gamma

Have you tried T25 Gamma? What are your thoughts?

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