Summer To Fall: Style Transition


If I had a say, summer would last 6 months, and the other 6 would be be split between spring and fall (winter who?). I am in no rush for summer to end, but I won’t lie, as far as style goes, fall is my favorite season to dress for so I can’t help but look at what’s coming up this season.

The last few years I’ve really put effort into streamlining what I purchase/add to my wardrobe and I can definitely say that I have everything I need as far as all of the mandatory fall basics. I’m now at that fantastic point where when new seasons roll around, I can purchase a few things I actually want, rather than an entire new wardrobe.

We’ll soon be approaching these uncertain days where it’s still summmer-y and hot during the days but cooler at night. We’ll be dying to whip out our riding boots and aztec sweaters but it’s not going to be cool enough for that yet.  I’ve made a list of my top 10 style picks to get us through the next 2-3 months of awkward weather. The beauty of this list is that the majority of my picks are so versatile they can be worn in several different seasons, enjoy!

1. Cherry Blossom Kimono: URBANOG $28.30
I don’t own a kimono yet but I’ve been keeping my eyes open for one. They are perfect for transitioning summer outfits into fall. I love the colors, length, and fringe on this one.


2. Long Sleeved White Sand Dress: Target $27.99
For work, a great way to transition into fall is slipping into a long-sleeved dress. I love the print on this one.


3. Fringe Boot: Aldo $65.00
Booties look great with everything: dresses, shorts, cropped jeans, skinny jeans. And fringe is huge. I love these and especially the color!


4. Green Plaid Pocket Shirt: Abercrombie $58
Plaid shirts are always in. I own more than I should…. but not in this color, which I love. It’s perfectly styled here in a summer-to-fall look over a dress. Also great over a tee or tank.


5. Classic Pave link bracelet: J. Crew $125
I do own this bracelet, but I included it because I LOVE it and I think it’s perfect for this season. J. Crew has released this bracelet in the past and they are now re-releasing it, so I think that speaks for itself, you need it! Classic and simple, depending on my mood I alternate between thinking it’s more fall or summer style. You decide.


6. Buff Sateen X Jegging: AEO $49.95
The soft, thin material of this jean is what makes these perfect for a slightly cool summer night. The real reason I love them though, is the color, the dusty rose is gorgeous! I want to wear them with the fringe boots up there ^^^


7. Tieks Burgundy Flats: $175
Burgundy, the perfect fall color, and flats, the perfect in-between sandals and boots. I chose Tieks specifically because of the high quality and the wear I’ll give them with all the walking I do throughout the day will be worth the price, but the point is “burgundy flats” is my top pick!


8. Cascading Cardigan: AEO $49.95
I love the open lacey-ish detail. Perfect for layering over dresses or tanks and shorts/rompers. I would find ways to wear this year round it is that versatile.


9. Deck-striped tee: J, Crew $49.50
This is a closet staple, how I’ve not managed to come to own one yet is beyond me. I have some striped t-shirts, but I like the cut of this and the length of the sleeves.


10. Rounded Chain Necklace: J. Crew $104.99
I saw this necklace all over during summer, but I think it’s going to work well through the fall as well. The chunky gold will compliment all the fall colors and that’s why I think it’ll transition perfectly!


Thanks for stopping by!