Dining Room Update


Someone pinch me! I’ve been in my house for a year and a half and have completely finished ONE WHOLE room!

Ok. That’s a total lie. First, it’s not an entire room, it’s more like half of a room. And second, it’s finished, as in, I have no further plans for it for the time being. That doesn’t mean that tomorrow I won’t wake up and decide I want to begin some outrageous project for this room…. Sigh.

I call this my “dining” room but I guess it’s really an “eat-in” kitchen, therefore, it’s the part of the kitchen where approximately 25% of the eating actually takes pace. The rest of the time, it is quite honestly just for show. This “room” is rather attached to the kitchen…. and the kitchen still has counters, a new sink, and subway tile that need installed, so for now, this is the only “finished” portion of my entire house.

Before I give you a tour of the finish project lets look at what this area looked like on the day I moved in:

IMG_2512 (2) kitchenbefore2 (2)

And then shortly after moving in:


Then, ya know, between completing about 6,392 other projects, I built the curtain window shelf, (DIY instructions here), and repainted the table and chairs (DIY instructions here).

Here’s what the dining room, I mean, “eat-in” dining area looks like now. And for now, I am finished with it:

IMG_7843 IMG_7830 IMG_7847 IMG_7851 IMG_7859 IMG_7861 IMG_7893 IMG_7874 IMG_7867 IMG_7877 IMG_7878

Table and Chairs: Purchased 8ish years ago from K-Mart, repainted
Area Rug: Target, 2015
Curtain Wall Shelf: Made this myself
White Cabinet: Wal-Mart 2014
Hanging Lamp: Lowe’s 2014
Floor Vase: Michaels (60% Now)
Various Accents on Shelf: Thrift store, Michaels, TJ Maxx, and Target


You can read more about my first home before and afters in this post here 🙂

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