Favorites Friday

It has been a few months since a polish post so without further ado, allow me to tell you about my favorite summer color: Come Here, by Essie.


Essie Come Here!

Side note:Please forgive me for my hangnails and broken and bleeding cuticles, I’ve been gardening like crazy and have destroyed my hands. Getting the dirt off in preparation for polishing them was a feat in itself.

essiecomehere4 essiecomehere3 essiecomehere1 essiecomehere5 comehereessie6 essiecomehere2

This polish is actually from the Essie 2013 resort collection but I JUST picked it up from Ulta. The color struck me because even though in the photos it looks very red/orange, it actually has some strong pink hints. In person, on the nail, and in natural light I think it comes off as coral most of time and not as pink as I had hoped, but I still love it. It delivered in terms of going well with pretty much everything I own this season. The base is creamy and I had to apply 3 coats.

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