DIY Border Wildflower Garden


This wildflower garden was actually completely unplanned, but some of the coolest things I end up doing come from accidents. I’m pretty excited about how it has turned out (which is also the reason this post is here prior to my wildflowers actually blooming. Sigh. Patience: one of those virtues I lack…) and the best part about it was how EASY it was to grow!

Bordering Wildflower Garden

Let’s go all the way back to the beginning. 1.5 years ago I moved into this house, in January. I snapped a photo of what the back deck looked like in that first spring:


Yea. Dull. But at least I had a clean slate. One day I was bored and felt like digging up my grass (I’m really stupid. Really, it was a really stupid idea). So I grabbed a shovel (which I also learned can’t be used in bare feet), and started digging with no plan, no layout, no clue what I was actually doing or what I was going to use the new space for.

In the process I found some really old border blocks in my backyard that used to be in a now overgrown flowerbed at the edge of my property, and I used them to line my freshly dug spot.

IMG_6577 IMG_8491

That’s essentially where I called it quits last year. But the digging bug didn’t leave my system (it’s a good workout, seriously). I continued to dig, I made a veggie garden and just recently redid my landscape out front (this post here).

Summer turned into fall, and then winter came and I didn’t step outside for months. And then, one really warm day in April of this year, I was bored again. And started digging. Sigh, again, with no plan or layout. And this is how it turned out.

IMG_2230 IMG_2388

Border was purchased from Lowe’s, by the way.

So now I have something of a border around my hideously painted deck (I’ll get to that, someday. For now, it shall stay clay vomit orange/yellow/tan). I had no idea what I wanted to plant there this year. I did plant 3 peony bulbs, one at each end and another at the 90 degree corner, which I later decided I didn’t want there (now I have to dig them up and transplant them elsewhere in the fall).

And then I came across a bag of “Pennington Cottage Garden” wildflower seeds at Lowe’s. And one should know, you may not use the word “cottage” around me, because I can’t help myself. I so badly want a cottage (maybe someday). In the meantime, I’ll continue decorating my house, inside and out, as though it is my own cottage. I’m considering buying a plot of land and covering it with wildflower seeds just so I can roll in it (until, of course, I can afford to build an actual cottage on it).

So I bought this bag of what looked like sawdust, and sprinkled it all over this little border bed, fertilized, and let it grow. A million weed-looking things started springing up (and looked hideous, by the way, for at least a month).

I continued to water and let the “weeds” grow and now I have something that resembles my very own wildflower garden. The first few little flowers have bloomed, and there are SO MANY big buds that are about to bloom I literally cannot contain my excitement (I’m sorry instagram followers, I know you think I’m insane). Every morning and evening Aylah and I scour the wildflower bed looking for new blooms (she mostly chews on them, I panic).

IMG_6613 IMG_6582 IMG_6590

IMG_6594 IMG_6642IMG_6878

Here are a few iphone snaps of what I’ve got so far:

IMG_6631 IMG_6599 IMG_6860  IMG_6605IMG_6773 IMG_6764IMG_6841IMG_6845 IMG_5135

The bag tells me the mixture contains: Pot Marigold’s, Bachelor’s Buttons, Clarkia, Chinese Houses, Caliopsis, Sensation, Cosmos, Larkspur, Annual Babys Breath, Straw Flower, Dianthus, Lavatera, Scarlet Flax, Dwarf Lupine, Flanders Poppy, Phlox, Soapwart, and Zinnia. The predominant bloom colors are orange, Scarlet, Blue, and Yellow.

Quite honestly, I only know what 25% of the flowers on that list are. I’m enjoying finding out though 🙂

Here are some of the buds that are just about to bloom!!

IMG_6856 IMG_6861 IMG_6907 IMG_6905 IMG_6903 IMG_6834

I’ll do an update post in about a week, as the rest of the wildflowers bloom, so keep an eye out for that. Please comment or message if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for Stopping by!

Update post HERE! Wildflower garden is in full bloom and is GORGEOUS!