Favorites Friday

A recent trip to Charming Charlie left me pretty happy. Cute things are  going on there right now. How I have restraint when I go in that place is truly a miracle. I purchased my favorite pieces (really, have you even been in a charming charlie? the place is massive and overwhelming, picking favorites is some serious work).

Here are mine:

Ava Pearl Marquis Necklace

charmingcharlie8 charmingcharlie10 charmingcharlie9
Ava Pearl Marquis Necklace

This necklace. Is it not perfect? Charming Charlie has a tendency to provide a seemingly really beautiful piece, but then disappointing me when I take a close look and can tell the beads, gems, and craftsmanship is poor. This piece was one I loved from afar and up close. You can see me wear it here and here.

Sonya Estate Bib Necklace:


This necklace I loved, but wasn’t too impressed by the appearance of the gemstones up close so I opted for the Ava necklace above. Such a pretty use of colors and arrangement.

Feather Faery Slip and Pull:

oliaboxmay11 oliaboxmay10

The other bracelets in this photo were made by yours truly, you can see the DIY tutorial here 🙂 oliaboxmay12 charmingcharlie4
Feather Faery Slip and Pull Bracelet

Oh my, this one, is probably my overall favorite. It’s a delicate feather, with a second gold strand of beads. The best part? The bracelet is adjustable via a pull mechanism. This is perfect for those of us (me! me! me!) that can’t stand bracelets that are too big and slip off. And probably the most fantastic touch is the two crystal beads dangling from each of the pulls. 

Marcelle Shimmer Ring

charmingcharlie7 kj20131116-5gd_1_1
Marcelle Shimmer Ring

This ring is super bling-y and bold. I wear it on my middle finger (see me wearing it here). I reminds me of silver sandpaper. I usually am not one for two-toned (mixing metals) but this is a way to mix both that I love. It’s girly yet industrial, very cool.

Set In Stone Knuckle Ring:

3000738470_1_2 charmingcharlie6
Set In Stone Knuckle Ring

And lastly, this boho styled big bold ring caught my eyeballs and I couldn’t put it down. Love the color combination and the earthy vibe. The arrangement of the stones is nice and it makes a pretty statement. Side note – the ring is meant to sit right over your knuckle, I bought it too big without realizing it, so I wear it the way you see above.

 Thanks for stopping by!