Favorites Friday


I’ve been super adulting quite a bit lately. So I blame this post on that.

What I mean is, as the days go by during this 27th year of my life, I’m finally ready to admit that my style, specifically at work, has matured. No matter how many times I’ve considered it, I know that I can’t throw on yoga pants and make them look like work pants. Though, in the winter time, if I find a big cozy sweater and can pull it off, well, I’m not above going against this statement. (ok fine, yes, I’ve worn yoga pants as work pants). Sigh.

Anyway, it’s summertime, and I really hate dresses. No that’s a lie, I love big, baggy, slouchy, light, unstructured dresses. Love em. But those aren’t options for work. I reserve dresses for “skinny” days and have just discovered the best “work shorts” for all of the other days.

Hear me out. Do you know what I hate more than dresses? You guessed right, shorts. But not these shorts. I could sleep in these they are so lovely and comfy. Here’s the lo-down:

J. Crew Factory 5″ Oxford Short:

J. Crew

I grabbed them in “soft grey” and OMG are they soft! Like pajama pants. Look perfect with flats and heels. They are on sale right now for $19.50. I should have grabbed 2 because I want to wear them everyday!

J Crew Factory 5″ Chino Short:


I grabbed these in “khaki”. They aren’t as soft as the Oxford shorts but they are still very comfortable and the perfect length to be appropriate, comfy, and stylish. Right now you can get these for $14.50 – so go!

Here’s how I styled them so far:

whatimwearing621 whatimwearing622 jcrewoxfordshort1IMG_5567 jcrewchinoshort1

What do you think? I love them, I’m very happy and couldn’t believe the price. Here are two other short options I’m loving right now from J. Crew Factory:

J. Crew
J. Crew


As always, thanks for stopping by!