Olia Box: May Review

So. If you read my last post, you know I was extremely frustrated with Olia Box and cancelling my subscription. And then….

And then they relaunched their new website, which made it impossible to log into my account. I later learned that this was because they were not able to transfer customer information to the new site, for our own protection. I thought, well, they’ll fix this, I’ll wait a few days and try again. So I did. No success. To make a very long and boring story short, I received a May Olia Box in the mail.

And guess what? I really like most of the items in this box. I still cancelled my subscription. Despite the pretty things in this box, the fact that my account was shut down without being informed left a sour taste in my mouth, time to move on.

But first, lets look at my parting gifts:

Along with the relaunch of their new site, they changed their packaging. The goods come in a gold envelope with bubble protection.

The jewelry is protected in a cute little bag – they got rid of the canvas, which I loved. These are nice too though.

mayoliabox2015 mayoliabox1


mayoliabox6 mayoliabox7

Double-stranded beaded necklace:
This necklace is so pretty. It has a lot going on but somehow remains simple. The different colors and styles of beads makes it interesting and pretty. It’ll go well with so many things I have in my closet.

mayoliabox8 oliabox9

Chevron Necklace:
I love this one. I’ll wear it all the time. I really hate chevron, really I do, it’s rarely ever done right in all areas of design and style (in my own opinion, of course), but I love this necklace. It’s all in matte gold finish, even the chain. Really cute, simple, and different.


oliaboxmay3 mayoliabox4 mayoliabox5

I like these a lot. Unfortunately, like all bangles, they are too big for my wrist and even though I’ll put them on to wear them, I’ll keep them on for approximately 37 minutes and then stick them in my purse where they’ll live out the remainder of their short lives. I’ll pull them out weeks later, in pieces. Sigh. Really, so cute though. And sparkly.


oliaboxmay2 mayoliabox3

Regular gold hoops of really poor quality.

Click here to read all about Olia Box 🙂

I really enjoy receiving a monthly surprise in the mail, I’m on the lookout for my next subscription after cancelling this one. Any suggestions?

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