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DIY Slow Cooker Dog Food

DIY Slow Cooker Dog Food ||

I know, ya’ll are going to think I’m crazy. Hear me out.

I spend approximately 7.86% of my life complaining about how expensive it is to have a dog. Especially one that needs professionally groomed, and frequently, because she sheds minimally and her fur gets long, dirty, and tangled. Sigh. Ok, back on topic. Since adopting her, I noticed a little problem with diarrhea. This quickly resolved with higher quality dog foods and elimination of grains. I did my research and learned about what my dog needs in her diet and why. And along with that, I learned what she doesn’t need. She doesn’t need filler grains, weird gelatinous crap, and meat by-products. She also doesn’t need any preservative and suspicious gunk. Depending on the brand, a can of decent quality dog food can cost $1.50-$3 and, for my 20lb. dog, this lasts 2 days. I add dry grain-free blue buffalo to this and feed her twice daily. She gets about 1 cup of food a day.

A bag of dry dog food costs about $20 and lasts a month.
Her wet food costs $30 per month.

Each time I fed her, she always seemed like she was choking the food down, and when she wasn’t all that hungry, she preferred to just skip her meals together. I brushed it off “eh whatever, she’s a dog, what do I know about what she wants”. But, I pay a TON for this stuff. So, I did the human-like thing and blamed it on taste. She begs and begs for her treats. She must like these. I mix up her treats but they are usually some combo of chicken or other lean meat and sweet potato or carrot.

So, to cut costs, and provide her with completely healthy, all-natural food, I decided to make my own. Please consult your veterinarian to discuss what specific dietary and nutritional needs your dog has before changing his diet.

Slow Cooker Dog Food:

DIY Slow Cooker Dog Food ||

Ingredients: * This can be made using many many variations, this is what I chose for this specific recipe but I’ve also make it with pork and beef. I’ve added broccoli and spinach in different batches as well. You can check out one of my alternate recipes here. It makes 3 weeks of food for my 20lb dog, who gets fed twice a day, and together with her multivitamin and treats, she gets all her necessary protein, carbs, and fats.

– 2 1/2-3 lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs and breasts
– 1 sweet potato, cubed
– 2 carrots, sliced
– 2 c. frozen green beans
– 2 c. frozen peas
– 1 large or 2 med apples, cored and cubed (no seeds!!)
– 1 can of kidney beans, drained and rinsed

– 2 tbsp olive oil



1. Place meat in the crockpot and add water so that it just covers the chicken. Then, add potato, carrots, kidney beans, green beans, and apple.


2. Cook on low for 8-9 hours, when it is about finished, add the frozen peas and cook for another 30 minutes.


3. When finished, drain off excess liquid, add olive oil, and stir to mash (or place in a food processor).


4. When cooled, scoop daily servings into individual ziploc bags and freeze. Each night, remove one bag from the freezer and place in the fridge to defrost overnight.

This batch makes 3 weeks of food for my dog. I mix in a multivitamin as well, for some added calcium.

If your dog loves this recipe, check out an alternate version here!

Not only is it all-natural, healthy, and fresh, she LOVES it! She races to the bowl when I set it down and licks it CLEAN! Here she is after scarfing her first serving down and asking for more:


Again, always consult your veterinarian to discuss your dog’s specific needs before changing her diet.

IMG_4351 IMG_4506 diydogfood

Thanks for stopping by!

170 thoughts on “DIY Slow Cooker Dog Food

  1. Just logged into this site by accident! Love all the suggestions re crock pot home made food! My little girl gets grain free food and it is getting very expensive! So nice to have an alternative. Would coconut oil be good as an alternative to olive oil?


      1. So glad I found this recipe. Our English Shepard Ethel loves it. It’s so easy to make and swap out meat and/or vegetables. I fill the crock pot, let cook overnight and we have food for a week. Thanks for sharing.


      2. Coconut oil, olive oil & marine/fish oils are the worst choices for dogs according to the website. Corn and walnut oil is supposed to be the best choices. I would have thought olive and fish oil would have been the best choices, guess I need to do more research on the best oils to use.


    1. I give my shar pei coconut oil she’s a raw feeder (been feeding raw for almost 10 years) another thing with feeding cooked food you need to make sure you add calcium to their food. example, if you give your dog 8 ounces (½ pound) of fresh food, add 400 to 500 mg of plain calcium, or ¼ teaspoon ground eggshell,
      I used to cook homemade for my daughter’s two dogs and used egg shells just make sure you pulverize them because they can be sharp.
      I don’t need to add any with raw because my pei gets all she needs from the bones she chews.


    2. Yes coconut oil is the best for your dog. Search online it will give you all kinds of benefits what coconut oil does for your dog mine gets a tbsp of coconut oil a day in her food and she loves it. or you can get coconut oil capsules and give them. I ran out but my babygirl loved to chew them up and fish oil is also good

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  2. I have a large 75lbs Bernadoodle and he ended up with a pile of allergies and after all the testing (over $700) I started making his food. My friends think I’m crazy because it smells so good in the house and then they learn it’s for the dog. I would recommend adding quinoa and or basmati rice and turmeric as a spice flavour but it also so good for their joints. I do leave the meat raw and mix in the vegi/grains, his allergies are for the most part gone (he is allergic to grass and we have 1/2 and acre of lawn) but it also changed the size of his poop, down to about a third of the original size and his water intake is much lower. Again when you take out all the fillers in store bought food, they don’t require as much water and crap a lot less. Win win. I do monitor his weight to make sure he is getting enough food and I switch up his meat daily, between chicken, turkey, some beef tripe and salmon. He loves it all and licks his bowl clean every meal.

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      1. i have been having the same problem you had with my Banjo. She will skip meals and beg for her treats or for what’s left on my plate. Also the cost of the dog food really gets me for what you are getting. I can’t wait to try this for. Banjo. I will let you know what she thinks after I make this for her. Thanks for posting the receipt.


    1. allergies are exacerbated by feeding fruits and veggies. Rice has no nutritional value and feeds disease, as well as most rice is very high in arsenic and organic even more. If you are feeding raw your dog should have at least 3 red meat protein varieties or you are risking further allergies.


  3. Thank you for this recipe. My guys are hooked. I used to make their food ages ago and it was so much work! This is so easy and they LOVE it.
    My older dog has a ton of allergies and food challenges and this is 100% Eddie-safe.


  4. I have 2 Chihuahuas and my daughter has 1. She made this food and our dogs love it. I made a batch myself today it’s cooking now. Thank you for the recipe.


  5. Hi, Thanks for the slow cooker idea! ❤ I’ve been making home made dog food for a couple of years now but never thought of using my crock pot! 😀 I portion my schnauzer’s food in greased mini loaf pans, once frozen, pop them out & store in a freezer bag. My OCD mind likes the uniform blocks all lined up in the freezer!. I plan on trying both of your recipes on my next batch making day. If you don’t mind my asking…what is the breed of your dog?? She is adorable! ❤ Thanks again for your great article. I’m definitely re-pinning this! 😀


  6. Stumbled across this on Pinterest and I’m so glad I did. Question, why discard the liquid? Why not add it to the bags?


  7. I’m going to try this for my dog. I’ve been making her food for a while but basically just chicken and peas. She gets coconut oil daily and ground up egg shells for calcium.

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    1. This is everything a dog needs if you add calcium and a basic dog vitamin powder to each serving prescribed or recommended by your vet. This is certainly healthier than any bagged or canned foods out on the market. At least with this you’re guaranteed to know what your dog is actually eating. You can use washed egg shells for calcium and there are some great powder vitamins quite reasonably priced out there. I make this for my Chihuahuas and they’re much more active and happy since I started. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.


  8. I have a very tiny Chihuahua with a depleted immune system (she has lupus), lots of skin problems. Been cooking for her, cause she cannot have store bought food. This recipe sounds great! Gonna give it a try, but using coconut oil instead. Thank you so much!!!

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  9. I am SO happy I found this. My baby thinks he’s pretty darn fancy when I give him this. He was found running the streets before ending up with me and after trying many (most fairly expensive, which were a waste) combinations of dry and wet (forget about trying just a dry food diet… Pretty sure he would’ve starved first), I had him eating Nutro dry and Beneful (yuck) wet. This was the only combo of about 10 we tried he would actually finish…. Most of the time. I tried this recipe and he, like your baby, is looking at me like, ‘Is that it’? Thank you so much for sharing… So simple but wicked awesome!!


  10. Hi.. Greeting from Malaysia.. I am planning to cook this for my shih tzu. Just want to know the volume of the water just need enough to cover the chicken? Thanks…


  11. I made a batch of this yesterday for my five chihuahuas. They absolutely loved it! Plus it was so easy. I also added the dark meat chicken I had taken off a grocery store rotisserie chicken we had for dinner, since we don’t eat the dark meat. So much healthier than the canned commercial dog food!


  12. If I use dry beans do I have to soak them overnight first? I always get dry beans from a friend and would like to know if you put them in the slow cooker dry or if you have to soak them. Thank you!


  13. I’m going to try your recipe. I’ve got three medium and large dogs so they are expensive to feed. I want to say though – please don’t feed your dogs beef or pork. These foods are not in their historical diets. Chicken, fish, lamb are fine and easily digested. Beef and pork can make your dog very sick with possible vomiting or worse, an acquired immune deficiency. I’ve seen both in dogs. So stick with what their genes know and you should be fine.


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