Olia Box: April Review


My April Olia Box arrived, finally. Here’s a review of what I received:


oliaboxapril6 oliaboxapril5

This necklace I want so much to love, except I hate it. I love the muti-pastel multi-shaped stones. I hate the chain. In the photos, the necklace looks pretty. In real life, and especially when worn, it is a disaster. First, as you can see in the photo, the chain is kinked (bottom strand, far right side of the photo) and it’s impossible to get it out. Second, the chunkiness of the chain is overbearing, I really really hate it. It’s so heavy it gives me a headache when I have it on and it takes away from the pretty stones. And Lastly, it is very cheaply made. The chain is heavy but not durable, it just feels cheap. I so badly wanted to like this, despite its many flaws, I just can’t.



I do like these earrings. I’ve already give them a test run, you can see me in them in an upcoming post. They are big and bold, but simple. Like most of the jewelry from Olia Box, they are cheaply made, but pretty.



These dangling earrings are really very cute. I can’t think of an event that I’d actually wear them to, as they are just too much for me personally, however, they are super trendy and on point right now. Again, cheaply made, I’d worry about losing a big gem when wearing these.


I’m going to cancel my Olia Box subscription, and here’s why:
– I pay for the $45 Olia Box and am supposed to receive 4-5 pieces per month. I’ve never ever received 5 pieces in one box, and I’ve received multiples of the same ring. This month I was only sent 3 items and these 3 pieces are NOT worth $45.
– I tried to cancel my subscription online and since the company has launched a new website, it no longer says I have an account, which makes me wonder what they did with all of my information. Not cool.
– Overall, I’ve been dissatisfied with the quality of the jewelry (multiple pieces have broke/fell apart). Additionally, I’ve received duplicates in my box from different months (rings and earrings).
– Shipping is really unreliable, they don’t pay for tracking so you don’t know where your stuff has ended up. I didn’t even get my April box until we were through the first week of May.

I’m not sure yet if I’ll try out another monthly jewelry subscription. I’m really loving Charming Charlie right now. The store is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Honestly. It’s a paradise full of accessories – all for only a few $$.

I bought these necklaces on clearance for $6 each. last week:

charmingcharlie5 charmingcharlie3 charmingcharlie2 charmingcharlie1

Another obsession of mine is J. Crew Jewelry. These pieces are well-made and will last for a really long time. Though I include my J. Crew accessories in with my “play” jewelry, it is most definitely a step up. This piece I picked up recently was on sale for 50% off, I bought it for $26.50. I’m in love.

jcrewnecklace3 jcrewnecklace2 jcrewnecklace1

Have you guys tried a monthly jewelry box subscription? What’s your favorite box? I’d love to hear from you!

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